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Which of the following can you do without? A. Breakfast B. Lunch C. Dinner

Poll ended at 21 May 2020, 09:37

A. Breakfast
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B. Lunch
C. Dinner
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Jacktone Ogada
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Post by Jacktone Ogada »

Which of the following can you do without?
A. Breakfast
B. Lunch
C. Dinner
Participate in the pill and let us know the reason I. The comments. For me, it is dinner because I eat throughout the day anyway.
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Post by Julie-p »

Dinner I guess.
I eat a lot for breakfast and I always eat an afternoon snack (and it is called a 'lanche da tarde' in my country). So I don't eat much for dinner

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Post by Netvigator72 »

I may even die if I don’t have breakfast because I wake up extremely hungry and I will struggle to sleep if I avoid dinner so it’s definitely lunch.

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Post by yapashley »

Breakfast! I know it's the most important meal of the day, but somehow, I can go through the day without having breakfast.

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Post by Reader-247 »

Breakfast- when I do it, its usually a quick one with milk or smoothie of sorts.

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Post by diamonnd »

Breakfast. I almost never have breakfast. A cup of coffee is enough to keep me going until lunch and I never feel the need to eat so early in the morning.

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Post by ratow »

I always get too busy and forget to have lunch.

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Kei Nakagawa
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Post by Kei Nakagawa »

As someone who wakes up before lunch time, I usually don't eat breakfast anymore.

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Post by cookiedough »

Lunch is one I skip. I prefer to eat a small lightweight meal this time so that I don't get a food coma and fall asleep.

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Divergent fire
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Post by Divergent fire »

I know that breakfast this the main food for our brain. But still, sometimes I skip my break fast.

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Post by Sraju »

As far as I believe, meals should never be skipped.
Breakfast should be the heaviest, followed by lunch and a light dinner!

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Post by lica20 »

I've skiped Dinner! I mean, it's not good eat much at night, so intead it's better to drink some tea, or eat fruits or salad. I started to sleep better because of that.
But I eat a lot on breakfast and lunch.

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Post by Jhuel »

I'll definitely miss dinner, for me it's not that important, I most often skip it and when I sleep over I won't even remember if I ate last night?

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Post by leareiler »

I always skip breakfast. I normally sleep through it or am never hungry for it.

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Post by beatrice_mom »

My nutrition is as unpredictable as I am. My husband tells it's because I am gemini. In a working days I usually skip breakfast at early morning, then I have brunch at 11 a.m. and lunch 4 p.m., if the day was easy I eat at 7 p.m. somethink like salat with tea. When I am stressed out I usually eat once a day about 400 calls, that's a really bad habit but I can do nothing with that. At weekends and holidays I usually skip nothing and have normal 1200-1500 calls.

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