Do You Love Cooking Your Own Food's Or Eating Outside?

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Re: Do You Love Cooking Your Own Food's Or Eating Outside?

Post by Ellie_D »

I mostly cook at home but sometimes it happens to be a very busy day so you have to eat outside.

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Post by Ak1412 »

i without a doubt prefer eating out

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Post by IamShing »

Fast foods are bad for health and some restaurants have bad way of cooking so I prefer to eat in my home.
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Post by Saffron »

Depends on my mood, really. I definitely prefer home cooked meals overall!

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Post by Charlie19 »

Of course, i love working on my kitchen, preparing foods for my family, as well as for myself really makes me feel happy. Also, it helps me improve on my cooking skills. I love to be a great chef someday that's why i love to cook in my own than going to fancy restaurants.

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Post by corinaelena »

I enjoy both and cook daily at home. But from time to time I prefer going out and just order whatever I want, without having to spend a lot of time on preparing the food.

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Post by A1LadyMarine »

To cook for yourself or let someone else do the cooking, that is a question.

Cooking from scratch and home cooking is quickly becoming a lost art. The craft and skill has been a generational pass down from mother to daughter for ages. In today's rushed paces and fast food restaurants when both the husband and wife are working full-time hours it seems that home cooking is becoming unheard off. Women being homemakers and masters of their own homes is considered archaic and stereotyped as a woman being bound in slavery to the house and her husband but, further from the truth life in reality just is not that way. I recently became widowed so now I tend to go to fast food for a little something for breakfast or a restaurant to get away from the house.

Yes, one saves a great deal of money cooking at home. Being a professional homemaker I budget and plan my meals and purchase only those things that are on my list. I check adds and watch for coupons and special deals and note which commissaries in my area have better deals.

As an example of the savings let me take McDonald's for breakfast. Fairly inexpensive fare for fast food, it has breakfast items for $1.50 in my area. I stop to get (usually when I need to go to the downtown VA) the sausage and egg croissant and hash brown patty.
Let's see the comparison:
$1.50 egg & sausage croissant $.41 potato patty
$1.50 Total $.31 sausage patti
$.07 egg
$.24 croissant
$1.03 Total

Now granted the savings is only $.47 but, every little bit counts in this age of increasing costs and decreasing incomes. The main problem is many folks these days just do not want to make the time to do things at home. When I see peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mashed potatoes simple snack bags of nuts and cheeses being pre-packaged and found in the fronzen isle really makes me wonder ....

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Post by spirituallove »

I mostly love cooking at home, I know exactly what went in and it's always fresh. That being said, there is also fun in going out to eat and discovering new places which makes things exciting.

April Ruvs
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Post by April Ruvs »

I prefer cooking my own food at least I know what's in it and it's an interesting experience to experiment with flavours.
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Post by mhPNW »

I have food allergies, so eating out is always risky for me. I've enjoyed the challenge of finding good recipes for my favorite restaurant foods.

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Post by Gathoni1991 »

I love cooking my own food. I was trained by my mum since I was a teenager, am glad she did that.

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Post by Dainora »

I like balance 50/50 between cooking at home and eating outside. Cooking for me is a joy, but if that would be an everyday thing, it would become a duty and take all the joy away from this process

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Post by shravsi »

I love cooking my own food always but I make a point to eat outside sometimes so as not to get tired

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Post by Florence Nalianya »

Actually I like cooking my own food but when circumstances force,I don't mind eating outside either.

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Post by Wanja Hannah »

I love cooking food. This is because I can make food to my liking but I don't mind eating out once in a while.
Wanja Kenya

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