How can I not Know him ?

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Ebrahim Algobi
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How can I not Know him ?

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How can I not know him?
I know him very well as a compassionate person with a balanced career
Giving to those who needed it..
your shelf
It may be harsh at times, and softness may not soften its side, but there is a point in it.
For one, ease the banter
Roll it up and squeeze the garlic in it
The mother allowed
A person of conversation and seriousness, with his wisdom, attracts clients, and is stubborn in his decisions.
Reconciled with the consequences of his failures, he is not drawn to emotions or inclined with them,
In him is the cunning that amazes them, and the loyalty of the one whose companionship is secure.
To himself for the slightest of her mistakes
A dreamy person, but if he gets angry, he becomes an accountant.
by her actions
It was not made available to him by others, and he has barbed, thorny borders
It does not go beyond limits
No matter how crowded his family is, he still prefers to stay with himself.
That is who I am as I know you well
Or as I like to be known, it doesn't matter if I look like this or a person.
Last, I am not one to crave other people's opinions of it
In my own eyes, even if no one saw me like that
Nor arrogance.. She was not a narcissist, but I know my timidity
For the same in all difficult periods
Document you passed
It has its ups and downs
be shocked,
How come I don't know her!
. . . . .
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This poem beautifully explores the multifaceted nature of an individual. It delves into the various dimensions of their personality, from compassion and career balance to moments of harshness and softness. The verses reflect the complexities of human emotions, actions, and self-awareness. The poem highlights the importance of knowing oneself and being true to one's identity, irrespective of others' perceptions. It's a compelling portrayal of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
Nallely Rangel
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nuselen es un buen poema miy bien definido da conciencia
Muna Chisom
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Man is a bundle of possibilities. This poem reminds me that quote. It explores how much we change into different wings. The poet did a great job.
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