horror movies:five story

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horror movies:five story

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five story

The father and mother can no longer complete the task of raising children
And sitting with them all day, they need to go
the job. All they had to do was look for a woman from one of the countries
The African woman can take care of the children and sit with them. Indeed
One of the women started receiving work through one of the offices.
At first she seemed kind and affectionate, but this did not last
. The parents returned to work after leaving everything related to them
a lot
With the children for the nanny, who was from one of the countries that carries out the practice
Magic and sorcery as ideological rituals. Months passed and things are fine
It was fine, except that the children were complaining. The important thing was that the nanny left them
She lights fires and incense and starts saying words
Two hours daily
He spoke to her children and decided that she did not have them
They don't understand. Mother didn't care much
A time to pay attention to children's myths. One day, due to circumstances
For work, the mother and father traveled and left their three children to the nanny after...
Inform her of the tasks that fall on her. The first day went well.
The next day, one of the children woke up to the screams of his other brother
To find the nanny killed him for offering an offering to the gods. The boy called on
His mother told her what had happened, so she hung up the phone and told him
Not to contact her if there is nothing important. The boy remained in
His room is crying and he doesn't know what to do. And the next day the same thing happened
thing with his other brother. It was only from the boy that he decided to run away.
The mother returned from travel to be surprised by what happened. did not believe at first,
. However, the nanny admitted that. The mother remained
And I tried to deny it a lot
She searches for her only remaining child until she goes mad
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