Do you personally like getting suggestions for books?

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Do you personally like getting suggestions for books?

Post by love_aud » 07 Dec 2011, 12:30

I do a lot of the time, but I know a few people who dislike it a lot.
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Post by Ant » 07 Dec 2011, 13:57

I don't mind, it can save a lot of time when someone who knows you tells you that you wouldn't like a particular book, but most of the time I like to make my own mind up. Everyones different right? :D

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Post by RuqeeD » 07 Dec 2011, 17:46

I don't mind having a book recommended to me. I've discovered great authors through the recommendations of other people and I know I may never have found those little gems otherwise. I also suggest a lot of books to people I know well and I know what books they read. Although I can admit I get a tad carried away when I keep hounding them with 'Have you read it yet?' My sister told me the other day that she would get to it when she gets to it (although maybe not as politely) :oops:

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Post by Fran » 07 Dec 2011, 19:17

For me it's one of the great joys of life .... I love getting recommendations & being introduced to an a brilliant author or book I might have missed out on otherwise. Also I love hearing an opinion on a book I recommended even a negative one.
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Post by bookworm200+ » 07 Dec 2011, 22:02

I love getting suggestions for books by people who know me and the types of books that I read. A few of my favourite books are books that have been suggested to me by others.
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Post by Scott » 07 Dec 2011, 22:27

I greatly prefer getting suggestions for books as opposed to just scrolling though webpages/shelves of books and trying to pick one out myself simply by the cover and the blurb.
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Post by tonya10057 » 08 Dec 2011, 17:23

Ant wrote:I don't mind, it can save a lot of time when someone who knows you tells you that you wouldn't like a particular book, but most of the time I like to make my own mind up. Everyones different right? :D
I agree

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Post by Gannon » 08 Dec 2011, 19:44

There are so many books out there that I love getting tips and suggestions on what to read. Especially when you have very similar tastes with the people who are recommending new books or authors(Fran and Maud take a bow).
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Post by Smblomker » 19 Dec 2011, 14:34

I don't mind people telling me about a book to read. Sometimes their ideas of books are good ones and sometimes their not. I buy my own books because I write what I read on my blog. I think that giving people new ideas for reading is a good thing. When it comes to reading we all have different tastes.
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Post by mouseofcards89 » 19 Dec 2011, 17:22

Absolutely. Suggest away.
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Post by Va_treehugger » 27 Dec 2011, 06:23

I am a sucker for a good book recommendation. Maybe that is why I have 48 books on my to read list...

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Post by A24 » 27 Dec 2011, 11:04

bookworm200+ wrote:I love getting suggestions for books by people who know me and the types of books that I read. A few of my favourite books are books that have been suggested to me by others.
I totally agree! I will usually read something suggested by friends who know what I like to read. It's fun discussing our thoughts on the same books read and sometimes there are interesting differences of opinions. I will also read books recommended by others on this forum in hopes of a great new author/book I never would've tried. Too many books, not enough time!!
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Post by Maud Fitch » 05 Jan 2012, 06:34

It would be safe to say I like getting book suggestions. I will follow up the majority of them but often life's little annoyance get in the way and one or two slip through the net. Occasionally a friend will make a suggestion which takes me by surprise and the book turns out to be a winner.
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Post by RosarioPozzi » 05 Jan 2012, 06:39

If it is something I have to discuss then i don't mind reading a suggested book. But i prefer to suggest books.

I love finding an amzing book. I am definately quite picky so I would really have to know that person knew what I liked.

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Post by Christine80 » 05 Jan 2012, 07:12

I do like getting suggestions but what I don't like is if people get mad because you don't take their suggestion. They will bug you everyday......have you read it? have you read it?

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