Best way to read? Laying down? Sitting Up?

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Best way to read? Laying down? Sitting Up?

Post by Nikos » 30 May 2011, 07:19

Hey guys, I noticed that when I read in my bed, I get tired, and If I read sitting up, I get agitated. What are some of the best ways you guys manage to read for long periods of time?


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Post by Fran » 30 May 2011, 07:51

Nikos wrote:Hey guys, I noticed that when I read in my bed, I get tired, and If I read sitting up, I get agitated. What are some of the best ways you guys manage to read for long periods of time?

To be honest I can read just about anywhere. My big problem is never having enough time & 'life' interfering with my reading. :lol:
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Post by patrickt » 30 May 2011, 07:54

For me, there were only two activities that ever belonged in bed and neither of them was reading. I can't read prone. I sit. I sit in my rocking chair, I sit in the coffee shop, I sit in a restaurant while I eat dinner, I sit on a bench in the park, and I have a lovely collapsible chair I can use to sit on at the beach, in a field, or even, at times, in a garden.

If I'm standing in a long line I'll read but it's not my preferred position for reading.

I don't read in bed, lying on the couch, or strapped down in a dentist's chair. I have an appointment this morning and it's preying on my mind.

As for reading for a long time. I don't usually. I walk many miles a day but I'm not someone who has bought special shoes and special shorts and special shirts, hats, music devices, heart-rate monitors, and on and on and on. Know, I just walk out my door and keep walking. I stop and have coffee, I stop and chat with friends, I stop and hand out little books and lollipops to kids, and I give a doggie treat and a kind word to all the dogs I meet.

I'm afraid I read the same way. I read awhile, measured in minutes, and then I pause and ponder. Sometimes I ponder what I've read, sometimes something else, then I read again. Sometimes I stop to make a note about what I've read. I read and stop when the driver delivering water rings my bell or the phone rings or whatever and then it's back to reading. I read and stop to go get another cup of coffee or to see how the weather is shaping up.

Of course, I recognize I'm neither a serious walker or a serious reader. I do a lot of both, though.

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Post by andr70 » 30 May 2011, 07:56

As for me I prefer to sit when I'm reading. But sometimes I gave to read something boring and not interesting, so I'm becoming tired of any poses and places to read.

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Post by Maud Fitch » 30 May 2011, 08:23

Why not try audio books? They may send you to sleep in bed but if you are working around the house, they make the work go faster. CD, MP3, iPhone, etc, are better than computer downloads because they are more portable. Borrow them from a library rather than buy them and let the narrator do all the work.
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Post by Nikos » 30 May 2011, 09:07

Ehh, audio books spark no interest with me. I like to receive the benefit of not only gaining knowledge, but also making the mind translate symbols into meaning, which is supposedly very good for your brain, and happens only when reading.


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Post by StephenKingman » 30 May 2011, 10:12

I prefer to read when sitting at a chair or besides my bed, but never in bed, i always turn the light out when i hop into bed so no reading there! :D
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Post by Melaniep » 30 May 2011, 11:26

I can't read unless I'm completely comfortable, which means I either read in bed or on the couch with my legs tucked up under me. But for 'long distance' reading, I have to stick with the couch as I tend to get TOO comfortable reading in bed and fall asleep.

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Post by Bighuey » 30 May 2011, 11:55

I usually read in my recliner, read for a while get up and take the dogs out, go to the bathroom, read again, if I see somone I know walking by Ill go out and BS with them a while, read again. Its kind of an up and down thing for me. I read in bed for about a half hour or so before I go to sleep. Im not married so I dont do the other thing in bed. Well, maybe sometimes if I find a suitable partner.

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Post by Heidi76 » 31 May 2011, 11:33

Reading and sleeping is all I do in bed... If I can choose I read lying down, for hours, but I also read when I make dinner, when I eat, sitting in the garden, on the kitchen floor, everywhere.

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Post by Evapohler » 31 May 2011, 12:08

I have a favorite chair and ottoman where I usually read, but I can read in bed for hours without falling asleep. Taking a walk with my dog or chatting on the phone with a friend will wake me if I feel sleepy. Diet Coke helps, too.

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Post by StoneGolem » 02 Jun 2011, 15:19

I flop around to much. I can only stay comfortable for 10-20 minutes. I'll start on the deck, move inside to a chair, then to the couch.

... this doesn't help at all, does it?

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Post by SheldrakeWriter » 26 Jan 2014, 19:04

If I sit on the floor, I can really get comfortable and wedge myself between things. Give it a try!
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Post by TrishaAnn92 » 26 Jan 2014, 19:41

I haven't really had that issue. I can read anyway and not really have an issue. The only time I will fall asleep or get groggy while laying down is if I am already tired, reading will just relax me further until I drift off to sleep. I usually sleep better that way to. :)
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Post by Bfrisco » 26 Jan 2014, 21:11

I can really only read comfortably by sitting, preferably in a chair that allows me to recline, or by laying on my side and switching sides every once in a while.
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