Book you never finished

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Re: Book you never finished

Post by jechamer » 05 Mar 2014, 01:41

I don't think there's any fiction book that I've never finished. Non-fiction - now that's a different story. There's quite a few of them I didn't finish.

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Post by prarich » 05 Mar 2014, 09:29

Bill Clinton's autobiography - it was way too detailed and endless.

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Post by yalonde » 05 Mar 2014, 15:08

Specials by Scott Westerfield.

Matched by Ally Condie

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

All are very popular books, but I just wasn't pulled in. THe plots were either too boring, I didn't like the main character, or I had higher expectations for the book and was let down.

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Post by dlachance9 » 03 Apr 2014, 21:54

The Lord of the Rings. I've had people get so angry with me when they found out I dislike this book (and series), but we all have different tastes. I simply couldn't get through the first half of this book.

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Post by L_Therese » 03 Apr 2014, 21:57

Lennoc wrote:War and Peace. I've started it several times. It is unusual for me not to finish a book but that one I just can't seem to get through.

I totally get why you couldn't finish, but if you ever find the time, I encourage you to try again. The ending is the best part.

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Post by H0LD0Nthere » 03 Apr 2014, 22:11

The Brothers Karamazov.

I think it would be worth reading, but at the time I happened to run across a copy of it, I didn't have the time to make the commitment to it. And the plot is complex enough that you can't read a little bit and then come back a month later and remember what's going on.

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Post by Grouchiegirl119 » 03 Apr 2014, 23:37

Fran wrote:
laci_baby wrote:I agree with Bridges of Madison County... i couldnt get through that if my life depended on it.

It took me forever to finish A Clockwork Orange mostly because of the slang he created... but i did eventually finish it and adore it.

I cannot for the life of me finish Lily of the Valley. I've tried three times, and will continue to try but i dont see an end in sight.
Despite repeated efforts I cannot figure A Clockwork Orange ... I finished it but I still have no idea what it was about - guess I'm just not the 'target audience'. Another book that failed to impact me was The Catcher in the Rye ... I just found him to be a most annoying pain in the ass.
Shocking I know ... two 'cult' books that just left me cold.
I didn't love Catcher In The Rye but it led me to Franny and Zoey and I loved that and then had a better understanding of Catcher In The Rye.

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Post by DianaChristie23 » 03 Apr 2014, 23:48

In my college Loyola University in Chicago, I was taking a Victorian Lit class because my major was English Lit. and we started reading Anthony Trollope's the Prime Minister. I could not finish it! It was so dull and slow. That is probably the worst book I ever got my hands on. Another one I could not get past the first few pages was the Hobbit, but I love the movies!

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Post by Dextress » 04 Apr 2014, 00:36

Children of the Lamp. But I was only eight when I started reading it and it didn't really intrigue me. It wasn't that I didn't know the words. It's just it didn't grab me and pull me in. But, hopefully, when I try to read it again (seeing as I own the book) I'll be able to finish and enjoy the book. Seeing as my taste in books has become at least slightly more sophisticated. :wink:

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Post by Ropis » 26 Jun 2014, 19:56

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.
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Post by PashaRu » 26 Jun 2014, 21:23

Don Quixote. Started it years ago and never finished it. But it's still on the bookshelf, and someday I'll read it.
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Post by emleemay » 26 Jun 2014, 22:40

I almost always have to make myself finish a book but I have plenty of abandoned series.

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Post by lshea5 » 27 Jun 2014, 20:17

Surprisingly, a book I could never get into was The Girl Who Played With Fire. I know it is part of a very popular series, but somehow I was not compelled to continue reading.

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Post by SidnayC » 07 Jul 2014, 18:30

Til Death in the conversion series.... the level of boredom while reading and annoyance at the repeated sentence 'She smacked him' in this book, verged on almost painful. But it's part of a series so I eventually have to finish it someday. Lord give me strength!
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Post by LoisRyan » 07 Jul 2014, 19:17

Usually books that I found boring or did not hold my interest. I remembered in High School we had to read The Scarlet Letter and I read enough to write a passable paper on it. I don't know it just bored me. I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse series and got halfway through the third book. It seemed that the books were always alike as if the author just reworded the previous books and found it annoying

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