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Are you OCD about your books?

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Are you OCD about your books?

Post Number:#1 by Heathernross26
» 15 Sep 2017, 21:12

I recently discovered that I'm pretty OCD about how I take care of my books. For one, I NEVER dog ear a page. That drives me crazy haha. I dont like to eat while Im reading because I dont want to get food on them. Also, if I am reading a series then it has to be either all hardcover or softcover. I cant have one book in the series a hardcover and the rest softcovers lol. I take off the book cover page so I dont rip it (while I am reading it) and then put it back on when Im finished. I keep my books organized on the shelves by genre.
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Re: Are you OCD about your books?

Post Number:#2 by maiamalanee
» 15 Sep 2017, 21:19

I don't think I'm necessarily OCD about my books. Most of my books are dog eared because they were used for school or research for my own writing. I prefer paperback books because they tend to be smaller and portable. I never like hardback books, I always end up taking the covers off anyways. The only thing is that four out of the seven Harry Potter books I own are paperback and the other three hardback. It's the same with my A Song of Ice and Fire series. I got A Dance With Dragons before the paperback came out, and it's huge compared to the paperbacks.
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Re: Are you OCD about your books?

Post Number:#3 by ebethina
» 15 Sep 2017, 21:20

I am a bookworm but I have to say that I don't think I have found myself doing any of that even though I do like to keep my books somewhat decently clean and nice looking
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