Which book are you proud that you read and finished?

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Anirudh Badri
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Which book are you proud that you read and finished?

Post by Anirudh Badri » 18 Aug 2017, 16:25

There are many books that seem challenging and are hard to read. Which of those books have you actually finished and are proud of yourself for?

For me, it is Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. I am currently trying to read Ulysses by James Joyce, which would also be a huge milestone for me.
It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.

–Oscar Wilde

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Mallory Whitaker
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Post by Mallory Whitaker » 18 Aug 2017, 17:31

Ulysses would be quite the accomplishment. I wish you the best of luck with that! I read, The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce and that was hard enough to get through. The hardest books I've read, and am proud to have gotten through, are probably Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. I find him incredibly difficult to read.

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Jolyon Trevelyan
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Post by Jolyon Trevelyan » 26 Aug 2017, 17:50

I can`t say i have ever felt proud finishing a book.
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Post by Helga_ » 27 Aug 2017, 06:18

Two books come to mind right away: The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Native Son.
"Difficult and challenging", not because I couldn't understand the content. Both of the books are intense reads because it's about the painful history, which is still repeating itself today...I've learned a lot, and done a lot of thinking and researching while and after reading them.

@T/S: Good luck! I'm reading a book about book-loving by a famous book lover (haha) He talked about when he made it a goal to finish Ulysses.

Atabon Della
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Post by Atabon Della » 27 Aug 2017, 07:11

The first book I had to review was not the best. It was pretty difficult for me to read it through but I'm glad i did. The book is Gates to Tangier by Mois Benarroch.

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Post by AliceofX » 28 Aug 2017, 09:12

If a book is hard to read then honestly I don't bother. Life is too short to waste with books that are a struggle to get through. That's always been my philosophy, but one book that was hard to read (because of the difficult subject matter) that I did finish was The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. At times it was a struggle, and I certainly can't remember ever feeling this depressed from a book, but it was nevertheless a very rewarding experience reading the book.

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Post by KiMB00P » 28 Aug 2017, 16:56

I don't read challenging books either. A book that I really like will get read in a few days, but one that is hard and can't hold my attention will take a couple of months before I realize I am getting nowhere.

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Post by Bluecobia » 28 Aug 2017, 17:51

I would say my organic chemistry text in college was the hardest book I have read.

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Post by jenjayfromSA » 06 Sep 2017, 04:11

Classics like Mill on the Floss for university courses were hard, but I had to finish them. The toughest was the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I don't know why I felt I had to read it, but I did. It took about three months on and off. I confess I have never dared to try Ulysses. I waded grimly through Portrait of an Artist and I've managed to avoid Tolstoy. I think I would sink.

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Elle Howard
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Post by Elle Howard » 19 Sep 2017, 19:00

The Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkien. So worth the effort but it took me forever to finish all of them.
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Post by Mjgarrison » 07 Dec 2017, 12:39

Definitely the Bible, but next hardest to me was Frankenstein. I had to read it for college and I kept having to reread pages because they did not keep my attention. I felt like I was losing the words in my head faster than I was reading them.

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