Have you ever read a book to a child?

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Re: Have you ever read a book to a child?

Post by Mjgarrison » 07 Dec 2017, 13:44

I've been a mother for 20 years and a preschool teacher for 10, so yes I love reading to children. My son was going through a phase where he absolutely hated reading but it was always homework. So I picked the book Hatchet and about an hour before bedtime we would go to his room and read. He would read a chapter then I would, those became some very cherished moments. My daughter was a very avid reader and about the time she started reading on her own she had no patience to be read to. We would often read the same book though so we could discuss it.

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Post by Insightsintobooks729 » 13 Dec 2017, 11:52

I read to my son at night. He loves books.
"I cannot live without Books" - Thomas Jefferson

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Post by BiljanaH » 07 Jan 2018, 02:53

Reading to my children is one of my favourite activities of the day. It is an ideal time for bonding, so they enjoy it too. I have two children, four and six years old, so every day at bedtime, we would pick one book each or sometimes one for both of them, read and then chat about it - what was funny, sad, good or bad, sweet and whatnot. The chat would usually turn into a conversation about events of the day too.

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Post by SPasciuti » 10 Jan 2018, 12:56

I used to read to my brother, but I often got annoyed when he didn't pay attention. I really love reading to kids, though. The best is when they bring a book to me and ask me to read to them. Though, after the 50th reread of Curious George, I begin to get a little tired of reading the SAME book, lol. I've noticed that happens quite often when it comes to kids.

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Post by AlainaElric » 05 Feb 2018, 12:04

Ever since I was a child, I was reading to other children. I currently read to my own children, ages 1 and 2 (about to be 3 and 2 in the next few months).

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Post by uyky » 06 Feb 2018, 12:19

Never. But I would like to try it. Kids are honest so I could try all the voices and get an open feedback. And mostly I think it would be fun.

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Post by Ladysy1 » 06 Feb 2018, 12:56

Yes I enjoy reading to my young daughter. :techie-reference:

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Maggie G
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Post by Maggie G » 08 Feb 2018, 23:08

I love reading to my kids! We spend hours and hours reading together. I can’t wait until they’re big enough for chapter books.

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Sanna Z
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Post by Sanna Z » 09 Feb 2018, 01:52

I read with my younger siblings and, being an avid reader myself, was disappointed when they were not very interested in books. It took me some time to come to grips with the fact that not everyone enjoys reading and would like to do it in their free time (they both enjoy watching TV). Fortunately, they have now starting reading in their own time and seem to be interested.

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Post by Mailis » 09 Feb 2018, 07:56

I've read to my kids when my throat hurts and I can barely speak, with a high fever, pneumonia and so on. I read to my older kid bedtime stories whilst pregnant with my second one, and had fun "evening sickness" bouts, so i basically read a bit, went and threw up, came back and continued reading. Because I think it is that special to have someone wanting to hear me read to them and enjoying it and starting to love books as well.

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Post by flower21 » 11 Feb 2018, 10:12

Yes, I think it is very important. I was a voracious reader as a child; I wish more kids today were.

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Camille Turner
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Post by Camille Turner » 16 Mar 2018, 11:47

I read to kids all of the time! I can't think of any reason not to!

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