Books that have made you cry?

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Ever cried at a book?

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Re: Books that have made you cry?

Post by susmithasuresh » 02 Aug 2017, 02:51

i too had a love story by Ravinder Singh

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Anita Sahu
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Post by Anita Sahu » 04 Aug 2017, 11:43

Yes, I cried many times while reading books. Recently I read Breathing Two worlds by Ruchira Khanna and I cried like a baby. Also Cage of lies series books by Susanne Valenti made me cry a lot.

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Post by EVroom » 05 Aug 2017, 20:44

James Harriot's books always make me tear up. Pretty much any book where the dog dies reduces me to tears. I couldn't even get through the first chapter of A Dog's Purpose for that very reason.

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Post by fayetino » 07 Aug 2017, 22:35

well...I don't cry. I've never cried over a book but a few have left me reeking emotionally. at the top of the list is Eliza and Her Monsters by Fransesca Zappia.

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Oluchukwu Francisca
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Post by Oluchukwu Francisca » 11 Aug 2017, 06:23

I cried over the wicked step mother

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Post by deepikajain2009 » 19 Aug 2017, 01:09

no i never cried while reading books

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Post by El-kanah » 20 Aug 2017, 09:18

The tragedy of Isandlwanda

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Post by Lulwa » 21 Aug 2017, 14:09

The notebook

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Ana Njeri
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Post by Ana Njeri » 22 Aug 2017, 22:31

The fault in our stars by John Green.
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Post by bruin » 23 Aug 2017, 15:32

Some parts of the book, Big Little Lies, I could really relate to how the women were feeling during their struggles. I relieved the pain that they were going through, which were similar to what I personally experienced.

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Post by Basya » 23 Aug 2017, 15:48

If happy tears count, Eva Ibbotson's Journey to the River Sea is the first one that comes to mind--especially when I read the reason for her writing this awesome book (her feelings following the passing of her husband). Even if children's books aren't your thing, I highly recommend this book.

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Gregory Chileshe
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Post by Gregory Chileshe » 23 Aug 2017, 19:58

I have got one so far and that is entitled 'Who Told You That You Were Naked'. Seeing such innocent souls being trapped by Satan,to the fall of everyone to come and the difficulties in coming back to the presence of God,mankind falling throughout generations without an answer until Jesus Christ came to be an answer,the anchor of our salvation for ever and ever amen!

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Elle Howard
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Post by Elle Howard » 24 Aug 2017, 18:13

A Separate Peace by John Knowles. I highly recommend this novel to anyone that has not yet read it.
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Post by KlareAllison » 25 Aug 2017, 20:44

A lot of books have made me cry as I read them but Toni Morrison's Beloved still unsettles me emotionally any time I mentally go through its storyline.
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Post by MyAustin616 » 30 Aug 2017, 11:07

The last book I read & cried was Desperately Seeking EPIC by BN Toler. It was so, so good but terribly sad. I love that it had a great ending for the main characters. I would definitely recommend this to others if you are looking for a good cry.

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