Is anyone else uncomfortable with romance?

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Is anyone else uncomfortable with romance?

Post by anneloretrujillo » 04 Jun 2016, 22:41

Okay, so I love love stories! I love all the sappy moments and the characters falling in love. I don't like, however, all of the graphic scenes that come with romance. I always feel uncomfortable when I get to those parts of the book, but I enjoy the rest of it. Does anyone else feel that way, or am I the only one? Does anyone know of good love stories that don't have those scenes?

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Post by Rhymis » 05 Jun 2016, 06:34

I think I've read some romance (rom-com) books without the more explicit scenes. Lynda Renham and Janet Evanovich's books always make me laugh and feel giddy, and they don't usually have scenes that show the, uh, kinky stuff.

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Post by Jojowrites4All » 05 Jun 2016, 20:19

Try the Amish romance or traditional Christian romance. The books are just as satisfying, well written, and true to life. Also, the books don't push religion and every other word isn't religious. It may or may not float your boat
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Post by Gravy » 05 Jun 2016, 20:29

The only contemporary romance I read is Nicholas Sparks, but I can say that they (at least the ones I've read) aren't like that.

I read whatever I enjoy, and if they have "those" scenes I don't really think much of it. I do however get a little tired of them if they crop up all the time :roll:
It's one reason I prefer to read urban fantasy that has a little romance in it. You get the romance, and the action of whatever's going on, but (usually) not the explicitness.
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Post by TrishaAnn92 » 05 Jun 2016, 20:48

I personally am okay with all the hot and steamy scenes in a romance book but there are books out there that don't have them...check out Delaine Christine, she has some goos stuff.
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Post by Kimberly288 » 05 Jun 2016, 21:21

Rhymis wrote:I think I've read some romance (rom-com) books without the more explicit scenes. Lynda Renham and Janet Evanovich's books always make me laugh and feel giddy, and they don't usually have scenes that show the, uh, kinky stuff.
The Stephanie Plum series is my guilty pleasure! They're such quick and light hearted reads.

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Post by clairesthilaire » 05 Jun 2016, 22:42

I am totally with you on this one. I love the relationship side of romance, but detailed descriptions of the physical aspect make me squirm. I think for me it is the intimacy of reading that makes it awkward. In a movie, you can shut your eyes or at least feel the distance between you and the screen. In a book it's all taking place in your head. Very uncomfortable.

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Post by fabulasaule » 05 Jun 2016, 22:47

I don't have problem you mentioned, but I think you could read all the classic love stories as they will certainly not have very intimate scenes, there are so many of them. Or you could simply skip them while reading as I usualy skip other things (mostly boring ones).

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Post by anneloretrujillo » 14 Jun 2016, 23:07

Thanks for all of the great book advice everyone! I'm going to have to look into all of the books you mentioned!

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Post by Hawgangel67 » 19 Jul 2016, 20:59

I grew up reading Harlequins, and I love them! Now, however, if I were to have to read one, I am pretty sure that it would have me in a state of giggles. The names that they give the male love interest in the stories are hilarious. The authors think they are nice, strong, hunky names, but really....Stone Carter was a handsome devil, with eyes of steel and muscles that could shred paper in one fell swoop. Haha. Maybe they write them better now? If so, please give me a good example of one and I will gladly read it.

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Post by Platinumpusheen » 19 Jul 2016, 22:59

Yes I absolutely understand. I can dig in to the build up, where there's all the cheesiness, but in some books when it refers to(yes THAT subject) I just want to skip it. Sometimes I feel like the one girl that people always look at the inside cover and give me a pitiful look afterwards, but for those people who enjoy the gross bits, I feel sorry for YOU.

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Post by Clifora » 22 Jul 2016, 02:50

I find some romances quite cute and romances can really liven up a book. However, I have to agree with you - when the scenes get too detailed, I lose some interest in the book and I feel a little sick. Reading about people having, uh, intercourse, isn't always very fun.
Romances that move too fast are also not my cup of tea. It's similar to proposing on the first date before even getting to know the person. I feel that my ideal romance moves quite slowly - letting the relationship slowly build up over time.
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Post by Spontaneo » 08 Sep 2017, 11:28

I have never allowed myself a romance until I selected my latest book to I am asking where have they been my whole life?!?!

Romances rule! :wink:
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Post by khudecek » 10 Sep 2017, 20:40

I think we can thank the "Fifty Shades of Grey" for the demise of decent romances. I've been reading and writing romances for as long as I can remember. That series definitely lowered the bar. As a matter of fact, I think the "Crossfire" series by Sylvia Day may have even been worse. The actual emotion of love was overshadowed by rough, untimely, and lewd sex. It overtook every aspect of the books in both series. The love got lost.

I like a little steam and spice in my romances, but these just crossed the line. Subsequently, everyone thinks they need to mimick the sex scenes or make the act of love appalling and somewhat disgusting. There's little-to-no emotion in some of these tawdry books.

When I read or write a romance, I want to fall in love with the characters. I want to see the world through their eyes, feel what their hearts are feeling, not what their body parts are doing.

I think a lot of these romance writers should step up their game. It doesn't take a whole lot of talent to write a sordid love scene. The art is in drawing the reader into the emotion of it. Make the reader feel the love, you know. Let's face it; a lot of romance can happen after the characters close the bedroom door and you aren't invited in to watch.

Okay. I'm stepping off my soapbox now.
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Post by Elle Howard » 19 Sep 2017, 18:42

It is not my first choice when choosing a novel. But sometimes I like to read something different. I do like a good romance. But it has to have a story and ending that is believable. It also needs to keep the hot, steamy stuff to a reasonable amount and not too graphic.
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