What's your favorite quote or quotes? (citations required)

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What's your favorite quote or quotes? (citations required)

Post by Scott » 22 Nov 2015, 10:10

There's too many different topics on the forum for quotes, so I'll make a new one. :P

Please post your favorite quote here. Do you have lots of quotes you enjoy? Post them all! :D

To make the topic easier to read and more useful for us all, please use the following guidelines:
  • Put the quote in the BBCode quotes tags. Don't know how to use them? Here's the guide Or, simply, highlight the quote after you write it and click the "Quote" button at the top of the full editor.
  • Specify the author of the quote. In other words, include the name of whoever said/wrote it.
  • Provide a citation. If the quote is from a book, essay, poem, or movie, etc., it's probably sufficient to name the title of the book, essay, poem or movie. Please don't just link to some other website that attributes the quote to the author because that website may simply also be misattributing it.
Posting quotes in this topic that don't clearly include all of the above three elements will be deleted. Sorry :oops:

I'll start. :D
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146
Okay, you're turn! What are your favorite quotes? :?:
"That virtue we appreciate is as much ours as another's. We see so much only as we possess." - Henry David Thoreau

"Non ignara mali miseris succurrere disco." Virgil, The Aeneid

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Post by zaynab_m » 22 Nov 2015, 10:22

The outward, wayward life we see
The hidden springs we may not know.
Quoted by Anne Shirley in L. M. Montgomery's book, Further Chronicles of Avonlea.
Another favoutite is also the quote I have set as my signature.
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

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Post by gali » 22 Nov 2015, 10:23

We will win this battle because we are fighting for our lives and the lives of our Clan mates. Our enemies are already dead. They fight only out of hate and that will be their weakness.

Erin Hunter, The Last Hope (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, #6).
In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you." (Mortimer J. Adler)

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Post by Gravy » 22 Nov 2015, 20:54

I don't want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you argue against loving one that's already here?
David, Martian Child (movie, not book).

-- 22 Nov 2015, 19:40 --
It's the beauty, not the ugly, that hurts the most.
Daniel Holden, Rectify (TV series)
If we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.

We've all got light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.

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Post by Katy_Moose » 23 Nov 2015, 20:45

How much can a crown be worth, when a crow can dine upon a king?
George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows, pg.174 said by Jaime Lannister

I just remember reading that line and having to stop reading and sit back in my chair. I've never had a moment with a book like that. What the character said at that moment didn't only make sense in that situation, but in life in general. It was an amazing feeling.

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Post by BayleetheBookworm » 01 Dec 2015, 04:21

“How do you spell 'love'?" - Piglet
"You don't spell it...you feel it." - Pooh”
― A.A. Milne

Winnie the Pooh just has so many good quotes! It's hard to pick just one.

My other favorite is from Wicked (one of my favorite musicals).
“Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?”
― Glinda Wicked the Musical

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Post by nicolelabonde » 01 Dec 2015, 18:04

My all-time favorite, and it's the perfect time of year for it:

"Business? Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business. Charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business."- Charles Dickens, as Marley in A Christmas Carol

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Post by Tinoran » 02 Dec 2015, 20:24

The urge to please our senses is the basis of our culture.
Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Post by Sancheti » 03 Dec 2015, 13:06

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Arthur Conan Doyle

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Post by Jen_DeGroat » 08 Dec 2015, 06:33

Empathy is when a person accurately communicates that they see another's intention and emotional state. It means watching our child's frustration and how life feels in that little child's body, while putting your own anger and agenda into the background.

--Andrea Nair

-- 08 Dec 2015, 06:34 --
Jen_DeGroat wrote:Empathy is when a person accurately communicates that they see another's intention and emotional state. It means watching our child's frustration and how life feels in that little child's body, while putting your own anger and agenda into the background.

--Andrea Nair

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Post by CrescentMoon » 08 Dec 2015, 14:24

"Everyone burns, as the Buddha says, in their own way. Some burn with anger, some with lust, some with the desire for vengeance, some with fear. But inside us burn many fires, not just one. We are legion, we contain a multitude."

This quote is by John Dolan from his book "Everyone Burns." I thought it was really cool when I first read it.

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Post by Futrella » 11 Dec 2015, 00:12

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

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Post by anjali-s » 11 Dec 2015, 04:35

"life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
its learning to dance in the rain."

by Ruskin bond
from the book: A BOOK ON SIMPLE LIVING

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Post by ashvini » 12 Dec 2015, 01:29

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”
― Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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Post by meigui22 » 12 Dec 2015, 09:31

What is a luxury, any moment to be able to hug a loved one. © S. Ahern

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