Do you see pictures in your head while reading ?

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Re: Do you see pictures in your head while reading ?

Post by DD129 »

For almost every book I've read, I've seen scenes play out. I am able to see characters' facial expressions, how they talk, how they move, and etc. It's harder to do with nonfiction, but most authors are descriptive enough to pull it off.

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Post by Hina_rehan »

Mostly it depends on the description in the book. Sometimes it feels as if I'm watching a movie...

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Post by RoxieReads »

In the case that I love what I am reading and it is well-written, then yes, I will get a kind of "movie" going in my head, forgetting that I am reading at all.

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Post by books_andpoetrii »

Yes I see images in my head while reading. It's more like a movie that's continuously flowing, rather than just a set of photos jumping from on to the other. :tiphat:

Aditi Sapate
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Post by Aditi Sapate »

I see the whole movie! I think everybody does. This is what makes some people like reading so much. And that's exactly what disappoints us when we watch a movie based on a book we loved so dearly.

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Post by spirituallove »

More often than not, if a scene is written well, I can see certain details of scenes or what I perceive the characters to look like.

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Post by Lady-of-Literature »

Absolutely! That's one of the great things about reading! As you read you get to build the world described with your imagination.

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Post by Anna1512 »

I always see picture in my head while I'm reading. Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking untile I manage to imagine the perfect appearance for a character

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Post by Aisha_123 »

For some reason I don't. I don't like it but I still enjoy my books at the same time.

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Post by vermontelf »

As I am reading, assuming that there is good flow and I’m not “interrupted” by the text, the story unfolds like a movie in my head. But it’s better than a movie because the reader is given so much more information about things out of sight, background info, and the unspoken thoughts.

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M Breath
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Post by M Breath »

I like non fiction for that reason as I picture myself in their shoes.

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Post by Nightreaderx »

I do. As I am reading, I picture everything, whether it be an object, setting, or a person carrying out an action.

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Post by Inmortalbooklover »

Yes, I imagine it in my head like scenes in a movie

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Post by Nym182 »

I kinda flip between two actions... either I see the movie in my head or I hear my interpretation of the author reading the words.
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Post by Inkroverts »

Yes, I do see images! I also see cuts, and the camera moving as movies do.

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