Do you see pictures in your head while reading ?

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Jolyon Trevelyan
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Do you see pictures in your head while reading ?

Post by Jolyon Trevelyan » 08 Sep 2015, 17:44

When you are reading a book you really enjoy, Do you ever see pictures in your head while you are reading ?

Almost like a movie or a photo album ?

I don`t. I mean i can have an idea what it looks like. But i can never really see it like watching a picture.

i am not sure this question made sense.
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Post by gali » 08 Sep 2015, 22:29

I don't see pic exactly, but I can imagine some scenes. 8)
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Post by KNewton » 09 Sep 2015, 00:32

For me it depends on the authors writing style. If I'm really into the book then it is a bit like a movie for me and I almost forget I'm reading.
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Post by rssllue » 09 Sep 2015, 00:46

I often see pictures in my head while reading, especially when very vivid detail is being used well by the author.
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Post by iolande » 09 Sep 2015, 01:57

I do, especially if what I'm reading is close to what I've experienced in life or similar to what I may have already seen in a movie.
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Post by sunshinewcind » 09 Sep 2015, 05:14

I always imagine the scenes,the faces,the surroundings .

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Post by dhaller » 09 Sep 2015, 19:15

I agree, depends on the writing style. The right author, a glorious action scene... It's like a movie, but better.

Granted, it takes a lot of effort, but it's like the scene moves in my mind. Colors, sounds, emotions all bleed into one another in a cacophony of sense and sight and sound and fury.

I really really like reading.
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Post by amys274 » 11 Sep 2015, 05:18

Isn't that the entire beauty of reading? We don't read books to look at the blank words, we read to imagine the way those words can become real incidences and lives and experiences.

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Post by Ursula_Minor » 11 Sep 2015, 08:10

My imagination is fairly photographic, and I normally develop a detailed idea of what the world is like (though sometimes my imagination just does not agree with certain provided details. Sometimes I can't picture a character as blonde, etc). This is my #1 reason for wanting to read texts that have been made into movies before the movie comes out- I don't really care if the movie is "accurate" to the book (within reason, of course), but do care that after having watched the movie I'll be unable to imagine the characters/world/etc in any other way.
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Post by milanismuah » 11 Sep 2015, 10:19

If there's a lot of detail it's like I'm watching a movie.

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Post by hsimone » 12 Sep 2015, 08:03

Sometimes I picture scenes and characters while I'm reading, but I have to thinking about creating an image in my mind, if that makes sense. If I'm thinking "hm...I think this is what the scene looks like," then I picture the scene. However, it's more of me being in the characters' mind than a scene most times. Good question!
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ola dark
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Post by ola dark » 12 Sep 2015, 13:17

I do actually , by the couple of first chapters its necessary for me to have a clear profile of the characters , going through the novel the images I usually see are for the dramatic scenes mostly.

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Post by Mayrobbie » 12 Sep 2015, 14:07

I daydream quite vividly. I see 3D images perfectly in color or not, but the better the description, the better I see it. I've also noticed that I can smell and taste whatever I picture, which is kind of weird... anyone else able to do that?

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Post by rosemarieshort » 12 Sep 2015, 15:27

Books I enjoy I tend to visualize more - characters seem more real and landscapes more fully formed.

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Post by Klompatron » 28 Sep 2015, 06:53

If it's a well written, enjoyable book, then yes. I will tune out of the world, pretty much forget i'm reading. If it isn't well written, then the pictures don't form.

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