Have you ever read while taking a bath?

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Wasif Ahmed
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Re: Have you ever read while taking a bath?

Post by Wasif Ahmed » 03 Jan 2017, 05:27

DATo wrote:Does this include showers ?
No DATo. ?
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Post by Erik » 04 Jan 2017, 01:21

Yes.. bathtub reading was a favourite passtime. Unfortunately, I can no longer read without my glasses, so that has put paid to my bathtime reading.

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Post by ajohnson8611 » 04 Jan 2017, 01:33

Heck ya! I read every time! Of course, then I tend to stay in the tub WAY too long. But the book was just so good!!

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The Researcher
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Post by The Researcher » 24 Jan 2017, 07:09

What is the most special thing I did today- I was MYSELF. Happy and in love and unapologetically myself.

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Post by Stevefromtheblock » 22 Feb 2017, 08:17

Err....no. Wet book guaranteed.

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Post by cherryalakei » 22 Feb 2017, 13:38

I'm PRETTY clumsy, so while I think it would be super relaxing to light some candles, take a bubblebath and read, in reality I would probably catch something on fire, or drop my book in the tub. :roll2: :doh: :lol:

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Post by Cowgirl888 » 22 Feb 2017, 16:57

No, I would be afraid of my book getting wet.

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Post by rssllue » 22 Feb 2017, 17:09

Yes. It is worth the risk of a slightly damp book. :D
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Post by Scerakor » 17 Mar 2017, 19:42

I have always read in the bath. Paper, e-reader, tablet ... I've taken all of them into the soapy relaxation of a bath at one point or another.

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Post by csimmons032 » 27 Apr 2017, 12:27

No I don't read while I take a bath. I am always afraid that I am going to drop the book in the water, or if I tried to use my kindle then I wouldn't want to destroy it. I do listen to music though.

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Post by Rattusv » 28 Apr 2017, 00:21

I have not and I don't plan on doing so!

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Post by queeennnkatie » 05 May 2017, 14:19

I'm scared to mess up the book, but I do it anyways :)
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Post by sweetpinabel » 11 May 2017, 08:58

All the time! But I only do it with pulpy novels/books I don't really care about because the steam tends to warp the pages.

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Post by KiMB00P » 11 May 2017, 10:01

Definitely! My fiancé has made me a bathtub tray repurposed from free pallets and it sits perfectly across my jacuzzi tub, topped with candles. I'm pretty clumsy so I set my kindle on it and keep my hands off until I need to turn the page.

It looks similar to this:

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina » 22 May 2017, 20:48

KimBOOP, that's really cool! I don't bring books in the bathroom but if I had that contraption and a jacuzzi, I will most definitely read in there.

This site is a fun place, isn't it?

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