What one thing disrupting your reading annoys you the most?

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Re: What one thing disrupting your reading annoys you the mo

Post by literarycat » 09 Nov 2015, 13:22

buddyroo wrote:When someone (my husband) sees you reading and tries to engage you in conversation about some inane topic (his job) and you try to show them you would rather read by sounding incredibly disinterested and they keep on keeping on. GRRRRR! :evil:
Oh this definitely. My mom did this to me yesterday and all she wanted to show me was random pictures of people I don't know. I ended going home to my apartment so I could read, but then my roommate wanted to talk argh.
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AJ Bruns
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Post by AJ Bruns » 11 Nov 2015, 23:38

I agree with a lot of the comments above. When I'm trying to read, I make sure I'm alone or try to find a more secluded space to be by myself. This way, no one tries to talk to me. I don't want to have to be rude to someone and tell them to go away, so I take matters into my own hands.

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Post by Stari » 12 Nov 2015, 02:50

Having to do house chores :/
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Post by kasi1215 » 18 Nov 2015, 14:12

Tigania wrote:The "hand over the book" thing is the absolute worse! I also have to agree with people talking on cell phones. I find that very difficult to ignore.
Oh, and my cat deciding she wants to be a bookmark is VERY distracting!
:D I have the same issue with my cats...they want me to pet them non-stop but I just want to read!!
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Post by Jdurand2 » 13 Jan 2016, 18:22

I have to read without my glasses, and usually read while my husband is watching some crappy man show that I absolutely do not care about. I hate (hate, hate, hate) it when he gets all excited and wants me to look at the TV because to do that I have to put my book down, put on my glasses (hope I don't touch the lens), and look at the thing I did not care enough about to see the first time - then I have to take them back off (again, hope I don't touch the lens) pick my book back up and find my place again. It drives me crazy, but I go along with it cause I love him and I am a saint! :D

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Post by beckie08 » 15 Jan 2016, 17:15

When I realize that I forgot to turn the coffee pot on. After all, a book IS so much better with a cup of coffee.

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Post by dmhall78 » 16 Jan 2016, 09:58

Either when the telephone rings or the dog needs outside. He always manages to bark at me at the best part of the book.

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Taylor Razzani
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Post by Taylor Razzani » 16 Jan 2016, 16:30

Pretty much anything! Though luckily the only thing that disturbs me is people talking. I'll just ignore my phone and I think I've gotten so used to dogs barking it doesn't fully disrupt me.

And people actually but their hands over your book when you're reading?! That would drive me crazy! I can't blame you for hating that!
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Post by Supraja » 17 Jan 2016, 02:55

I can deal with people and cell phones and other loud noises, but sometimes when I'm really tired, the words stop making sense and I have to go back a couple of pages and reread everything again. It drives me crazy but I just can't put a book down easily.

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Post by Mntgrl1969 » 18 Jan 2016, 18:07

When I am reading and someone comes into the room and just starts talking. I would prefer that they take into account that they can see I am reading and ask if they can have a moments. May just be me but I think that is respectful.

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Post by hkachelmeier » 18 Jan 2016, 19:45

mostly not having enough time to read. if i could spend all night reading and then go to work i'd be a happy girl but unfortunately i do need to sleep. i do read during my lunch hours and before i go to sleep and anytime that i can get some quiet at home.

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Post by rssllue » 18 Jan 2016, 19:46

Usually sleep. :sleeping-blue:
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Post by CaitlinKath » 18 Jan 2016, 21:25

Mainly not a lot disrupts me but one thing that does is when I'm reading and someone clearly sees me reading and they havto talk to me about something irrelevant or they ask me if I'm reading. Most of the time I lisen to music when I reading so I can zone in and relax and they decide to yank my ear buds out.

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Post by netsirk37 » 18 Jan 2016, 21:41

My cat walking across my lap. I can't stay mad at him, though :D

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Post by hkachelmeier » 18 Jan 2016, 22:20

I have to agree with that too. Actually my cat doesn't walk on my lap, she chews on and rubs her face on the corner of the book as I'm reading it.l

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