Do you like lending out your books to others?

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Do you like lending out your books to others?

Post by Jon-Ross » 22 Sep 2013, 23:50

I, for one, do not like lending out my precious books to others. I have lent out 'Dead Lucky' by Lincoln Hall. That was the first time and it was the last. I lent that out to a few people; my mum, my grandmother, and when I was in Grade 5 a few years back, I lent it to my teacher, who was going to Nepal at the end of the year. Each time I lent it out, it came back in good condition. A few dog-ears and the spine was bent a little. However, the last person I lent it to was my neighbour. And when it was returned, biro was on the inside cover, pages were bent in half, the picture pages fell out, and worst of all, page 217/218 was ripped right across corner to corner. And it was stuck together by a 2cm strip of tape. Also, I never even read the book. So now, 5 years later, I am looking for a copy on Booktopia.

Does anyone else not like lending out their books?

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Post by Age777 » 23 Sep 2013, 00:27

I dislike lending out my books but on occassion will do it anyway.

I find that no matter how much I stress that it come back in the same prestine condition it left in, that seldom happens. Sometimes I'm merely lucky to receive it back at all.

So no, lending sucks.

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Post by cbreithaupt75 » 23 Sep 2013, 00:40

I do not like lending books to others. Generally, I do not get rid of books ever; however, if I know for a fact that I will not read that particular book again, then I'll give it to a friend or family member. Not lend, but give. That takes any pressure off. Also, if someone says they'll "lend " me a book, I'd rather buy it myself. I have also had the privilege of receiving many books that people are passing on as a gift to me!

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Post by bookworm123 » 23 Sep 2013, 06:56

I don't like lending my books to others, mainly because I'm fearful for my books just in case they get ripped. Especially books that are new.

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Post by SilverRiver » 23 Sep 2013, 07:02

I'm kind of OCD about the condition of my books, especially my favorites, so I tend to be EXTREMELY hesitant about lending them (if I do at all, which I usually don't). The exception to this is that there was a used book store in my area that for a while had a "free shelf" of books they weren't selling. Most of them were pretty beaten up, and they were all marked with a scribble on the cover, so those I don't so much mind lending out.

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Post by tracy19 » 23 Sep 2013, 09:26

It depends on who it is, because some people tend not to give the book back or give it back in a terrible state...

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Post by Leoch » 23 Sep 2013, 10:06

I do lend out my books to friends for the sake of friendship, and some of them I even get back. :-( I've learned not to lend out anything that costs more than $10.00 or that has a hard cover.

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Post by Fran » 23 Sep 2013, 10:31

Nowadays (after bitter experience) I only lend books I am finished with, do not intend to keep & am indifferent to whether it's returned or not. I never, ever lend a book before I have read it myself.
One of my pet peeves is when I lend a book to someone & they lend it on to a 3rd party without my permission & then deny any responsibility for making sure it is returned. That really, really annoys me because I think it is extremly disrespectful.
I would expect someone who borrowed a book and damage it to at the very least offer to replace it - that's just basic manners IMO.
Personally, I am scrupulous about returning books I borrow in the condition I received them whether from a friend or from the library.
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Post by Shadowed_Gates » 23 Sep 2013, 12:16

If someone lends me a book of theirs, I take care of it because I know I would want the same for my books. Unfortunately I have had 3 experiences where that is not the case. Book comes back with a stained page, a corner damaged cover and even worse, when they highlight YOUR BOOK. Nuh uh. Don't lend out and if I ever decided to, I'm charging.

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Post by Totoro » 23 Sep 2013, 13:02

Fran wrote:Nowadays (after bitter experience) I only lend books I am finished with, do not intend to keep & am indifferent to whether it's returned or not. I never, ever lend a book before I have read it myself.
I have to agree with this. One thing I find myself doing is picking up extra copies of books I love at Thrift stores or library sales. Then I lend those out. I don't care if they come back and I let the person know that. Usually I suggest they pass it one to someone else when they are done.

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Post by mishy » 23 Sep 2013, 13:06

nope, no, not never. It is something I would need to consider for a while and then I'd probably say 'no'. When you lend someone your book, you might as well think of it as charity and right it off.

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Post by Starmy » 23 Sep 2013, 15:37

Lent my favourite book to my sister and never got it back. So I bought another copy 2 years ago. Tomorrow I'm giving it to my boss who I KNOW will take good care. I dont mind, really.

-- 23 Sep 2013, 16:37 --

Lent my favourite book to my sister and never got it back. So I bought another copy 2 years ago. Tomorrow I'm giving it to my boss who I KNOW will take good care. I dont mind, really.

aparajita ghosh
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Post by aparajita ghosh » 06 Oct 2013, 20:51

I absolutely don't! People don't take care of your books properly. They either don't return it on time or just keep it with them and forget it. Also, I hate it when they make marks in the books or dog-ear them. That reminds me. One of my friends has 3 of my books. Must ask her to return it ASAP. :x

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Post by SuperAP97 » 06 Oct 2013, 23:41

I absolutely hate loaning my books out for the same reasons the TC explained.

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Post by MagicofBooks86 » 07 Oct 2013, 12:58

No! I'm too worried about the book not coming back or if it comes back in bad condition.

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