Your Perfect Reading Ambiance

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Your Perfect Reading Ambiance

Post by tsh1001 »

What is your perfect "reading set up?"

For example...I like to read a paperback, by lamplight, with a blanket and a lap pillow.
I prefer a gloomy day, a rainy day, or a snowy day view from the window.

What are your "Must Haves?" What makes reading "Perfect" for you?

Cant wait to hear your answers! :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by JennyorAlice »

My perfect "reading set up" is much like yours. Some of my books are paperback and some are hardcover. I must admit that I like paperbacks more than hardcovers. The only difference with mine is I'd like to have a cup of hot chocolate with me if it's cold enough outside.

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Post by HarryPotterLibrary22 »

I don't mind paperback or hardcover! But I like to be curled up in bed with a hot chocolate next to me!

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Post by sevencrows »

Almost the same, but I love natural light! Also, reading under the covers with a flashlight makes me feel nostalgic, so I do that sometimes.

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Post by sarahlaks »

Paperback or hardcover, doesn't matter as long as it is hard copy. It is chilly enough to be able to snuggle in a sweatshirt and a blanket on the couch, and I am reading by lamplight while it is dark and quiet in the house.

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Post by DragonLight877 »

I love a hardcover book, a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate, and a really soft couch. I like having lots of pillows around me too. If I could pick the place I would say in a nice darkened library with a (safe and enclosed) fireplace nearby so I can get the smell too.

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Post by Alyssa »

I have what we refer to as “the reading chair” it’s in front of some big windows so there’s lots of natural light, it’s comfy and my absolute favourite place to spend my time. It makes no difference to me if I’m holding a hardcover, paperback or a kindle as long as I have coffee or tea.

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