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The Family Corleone

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The Family Corleone

Post Number:#1 by GotThatSwing
» 07 Dec 2012, 05:12

Has anyone read it? Is it good? I am thinking about buying it to my dad for Christmas but I have mixed feelings, it being written by different author than Mario Puzo. I get shivers when I see a continuation/new version or what not of a classic written by someone else. But I've seen it's based on Puzo's play... so, any opinions? Should I take it or not?

Any other propositions of Godfather type of books?
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Re: The Family Corleone

Post Number:#2 by clintessential
» 18 Dec 2012, 01:46

@Got that Swing. I have several suggestions for "Godfather" reads. "Honor Thy Father" by Gay Talese is about
mob boss Joe Bonanno. It gives a history, but concerns itself mostly with Bonanno's exodus from the seat of
power and his choices for a successor. If your Dad is into the Mob, this is an excellent read. BTW, all the wiseguys
depicted in "Donnie Brasco" were Bonnano soldiers. Another one is "Black Mass" about Irish Mob Boss Whitey Bulger,
who took over Italian crime family interests in Boston and Rhode Island by informing on them to the FBI.The movie,
"The Departed" is based on Bulgers story. "Black Mass" was written by Dick Lehr, a Boston Globe reporter. Last ismy favorite, "Of Rats and Men" by John L. Smith. It's about former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman. Goodman represented
soldiers as well as Bosses who got in trouble in Las Vegas. In many instances, the Bosses(of the Midwestern families)
deferred to Goodman instead of their own consigliere. There are several transcripts of FBI wiretaps in which Civella
(Kansas City) and Balisteri(Milwaukee) are heard talking to Goodman about mob business. And asking his advice!
I like the Goodman book best because I've met him(on New Years) and he poured me a Gin and Tonic out of his
one gallon Martini glass. Anyway, if your Father is interested in the subject, these books are a great place to start.
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