Could you date someone who doesn't read?

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Re: Could you date someone who doesn't read?

Post by slj3988 »

Sure. You can't expect people to like everything you do. There was a time I'd say "nah I'll wait for the movie" until I opened my mind. Does it mean they're boring or wouldn't understand you? No. We're entitled to our own interests. You can easily meet someone who does read but likes completely different books and their personality clashes with yours.
The way I look at it is if 2 people were the same, you might as well be dating your self. What makes a girl different is half the interest to me. It makes me want to find out who they are.

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Post by Candiew »

I have pondered this question myself only to remind myself that indeed, I have. And I am currently. Sad to say I agree with your hypothesis. It is extremely difficult to date someone who is not a reader! Especially when it is something you love doing yourself. I believe the reason for this is because when you are an avid reader then you are more then likely very analytical, realistic and more in tune with the world in ways I can't even list here. In short, the love of a good book is more then just reading words and finding someone who knows what that means without having to explain it is worth its weight in gold to some.

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Post by Marsnikk »

No. I know that I couldn’t. I look for a partner to challenge me intellectually and someone who does not read could never do that. How would their intelligence and thoughts evolve without the written word?

I think video leads us to what someone wants us to think whereas reading requires us to think critically using our imagination to bring a world to life.

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Post by TiffanyNagle11 »

Been doing it for 7 years now...

I don't think people need to date people that are exactly like them. Honestly, my boyfriend and I are exact polar opposites to almost everything. He is extremely outgoing and extroverted where I am quiet and introverted. It definitely balances things out and keeps things more fun. He still listens and engages in conversation anytime I'm telling him about a book, as do I when he tells me about things I'm not interested in.

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Post by LizzyGirl1 »

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08 Nov 2019, 09:36
Of course. Everyone has different strengths and interests. Being able to appreciate and respect each other's preferences is what makes for a great relationship. We don't have to do everything together. Life is about so much more. If you must have reading in common then there is not enough of everything else to make the relationship enjoyable and worthwhile. Plus the person might have different reading preferences that you may not share anyway. Remember that reading enriches our lives and knowledge - it's not just for our social resume! Thanks Scott. This was an interesting topic!
Your response is very accurate. I like your point of view on relationships. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
Thanks for the kind words! :tiphat:
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Post by Mwila_wise »

Tricky question it is... yes I would date someone who doesn't read because a relationship should be fun when two have different things to talk about outside there private individual lives. Talking of same thing of reading could be boring though.

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Post by mngrant124 »

I could definitely date somebody who didn't read. However, they still need to be someone who is capable of the critical thinking that I think a lot of people who spend a lot of time reading possess.

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Post by holdenC13 »

Well, I suppose I could. It would be difficult though. She would certainly at least have to be into sports or politics, or it just wouldn't work. Unless of course, she was smoking hot.... :)

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Post by Gacau »

By not overlooking the fact that books are rich wells of knowledge, I could date someone who still does not read because our discussions are not restricted to books only. But for sure, with time I would help her cultivate the discipline of reading as knowledge still plays a primary role in a relationship.

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Post by MHite11 »

My husband does not read. Honestly, it annoys me. However, he does show interest in what I read and will ask questions about what is happening while I read. He does sometimes listen to audiobooks.

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Post by Tgarrick »

I honestly don't think i could date someone who doesn't read, being able to talk to someone about the books I read would definitely be something I want to do in a relationship

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Post by tgoatley »

I actually married someone who doesn't like to read. It is ok with me, because I ignore every one and thing while reading. It is my time and he is ok with that. Since having kids, he will read to them every night :)

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Post by silvafaerie »

I have been in many relationships with people that don't read. You still have a lot to talk about and you can find other new things that you can do and talk about together. However, I do feel like something is lacking when you can't share something that you really love with the other person in your life.

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Post by Booklover10301 »

I have actually struggled with this in past relationships. Reading is such a important part of my life that it seems impossible to emotionally connect with someone who does not share that same affinity. Despite this, my current relationship is such an example of this. My partner does read, however it is not his pastime of choice. Instead he prefers to spend him time listening to and playing music on the vast number of instruments that he can skillfully play. Well reading continues to be one of my biggest passions in life, this difference between my partner and I, is not in fact a barrier in our relationship. My vast knowledge of books, and his of music, give us something to talk about and share with one another. Our different interests allow us to expand each other's mindsets.

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Post by Alyssa »

I like this question and everyone’s answers. Personally it doesn’t bother me that my husband doesn’t read. He still engages me in conversation about them because he knows reading is enjoyable for me, just as I ask him questions about things that are important to him. The way I see it is that I don’t have to share my bookshelves haha

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