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How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thoughts

Use this forum for book and reading discussion that doesn't fall into another category. Talk about books, genres, reading issues, general literature, and any other topic of particular interest to readers. If you want to start a thread about a specific book or a specific series, please do that in the section below this one.

Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#61 by Zoe303
» 30 Oct 2015, 13:59

A 4-star book has to be perfect, in my own standards of course. A 1-star book is one I really hated or considered a waste of time. My system of rating is quite weird I would say. A book would lose or gain a star depending on its lack of what I love in books or the presence of something I hate. For example, I don't like books with a lot of obscenities, so if it was one it would lose a star. And I love books with suspense, so if it had that it would get a star, and so on.
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Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#62 by MarieMc
» 01 Nov 2015, 15:32

I generally give up on a book If I have to rate it a 1. Why torture myself and the author? I think there should be a 5 as well for 'life changing, excellent'. I read a lot of books that I might give a 4 to, because they are really good, but I wouldn't say are life changing. These really good books I kind of hate to say are a 3 because 3 doesn't seem to be an all that good of a rating. It is certainly a dilemma.
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Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#63 by Patientguy247
» 01 Nov 2015, 16:29

I feel that a book review should have 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the life changing review and a 4 being excellent. 3 should be so so. 2 should be not great but maybe others may think otherwise and 1 being horrible. Maybe i am wrong but that makes more sense to me in terms of rating a book.
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Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#64 by MatthewAlexander
» 06 Apr 2016, 16:59

I understand what you mean...I personally have never given out a four, though I have given ones. When I give a book a one it's usually for a mixture of reasons, not just one specific flaw. For example, many of the ones I've given have been to books that were difficult to read due to the writing style or the technical errors; some books simply should have been given more work before being published. Fours are definitely harder to come by; I'd have to be very touched and blown away by a book to give it a four.
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Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#65 by Scerakor
» 20 Mar 2017, 18:40

Wow, this sure has harboured a lot of interesting discussions. I agree with a lot of what has said w.r.t. the awkwardness of the 4 star rating system, but here is another stick to throw in the spokes. I find that, especially for what we are doing here, the 4 star system actually works out a bit better than a 5 star or other (i.e. letter grade) system the way that it is defined in the guidelines. It removes a bit of ambiguity.

1 = bad, 2 = fair, 3 = good, 4 = excellent); basically if you give it a 3 or a 4 you are recommending others read it, if you give a 1 you are strongly recommended other people do not bother reading it, and if you give it a 2 that's sort of ambiguous since obviously you didn't like it that much but maybe others will.

For me then, 1 means DO NOT READ, 2 means I didn't like it (or it wasn't great) but still has merit, 3 means I liked it, and 4 means I really liked it.

The issues with perfection being unattainable so a four is never given is less an issue to me if we look at it this way. 4 simply means it is a very good book and is well edited. 1 means I wouldn't recommend it at all. 2 and 3 are equally simple. The more letters/numbers/smiley faces we put in a rating system, the less likely we would be to give the top and bottom marks.

My $.02
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Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#66 by Dh_
» 24 Mar 2017, 15:45

I think I review books in a sinilar way. I never give the book a one unless it was absolutely horrible and I could not finish reading it. Most of them are twos and threes for me too. A book only gets a 4 if it was very well written and kept me interested the whole time or if the concept and plot are something completely original and intriguing. It might be a little harsh, but you're not the only one that does it.
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Re: How do YOU rate books when reviewing? Your personal thou

Post Number:#67 by Amagine
» 24 Mar 2017, 16:53

I realized that there is no book that deserves 4 stars. I don't think I would ever give a 4 star rating because every book that I reviewed had a fatal flaw that kept it from getting 4 stars from me.
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