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Re: First sentence of current book

Post by Jess Pumkin »

In 1805, England had a problem.

Jess Pumkin
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Tamara Bengesai
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Post by Tamara Bengesai »

When Steve Logan stepped into the sunlight that Monday, he began to make small decisions that would change his life.
"Wild World" by Peter S. Rush
Word Wise Wiz
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"Greetings and Salutations, young explorer; my name is Phoebe, a Celestial charged with recording stories
and folklore of the Knights of the Everlasting Order" ("The Seventh Spark – Knights of the Trinity" by J. B. Lion).
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"For the purposes of this book, there are only two chapters in the story of mankind."

Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature: How Civilization Destroys Happiness by Chet Shupe
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Post by Donna Walker 1 »

"It would have been sometime after breakfast on a Tuesday, if Tuesdays existed."

Of Zots and Xoodles: Theodil Creates a Universe by Zarqnon the Embarrassed

Its a trip of a read. I recommend it!
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Sara Bartolomeu
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"It was dark and starting to snow when Kim arrived in District 33, a crime-ridden slum in which only the strongest and most savvy could hope to survive. "

The Prophecy of the Heron
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