Why do you like reading?

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Sydney Ash
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Re: Why do you like reading?

Post by Sydney Ash »

I like the state of relaxation I fall into when reading. I feel like I am able to go into a different world when I am reading. The imagination and creativity in the writing always improve my moods!
Fredrick Felix Mnjala Maneno
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Post by Fredrick Felix Mnjala Maneno »

I really don't think anyone can answer this satisfactorily. I read because of my love for learning, to escape and just let my mind wander in a fantasy world only I can see, to give myself a break from everything around me and so much more.
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Post by lesheath »

So many reasons.......
To learn
To escape
To explore new concepts
To relax
And ....... My husband puts up with all the bookshelves in almost every room of the house!
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Post by Megi0 »

I say that as someone who has his reading phases and doesn't always like to read. When I'm in my reading phase and I read a lot it kind of gives me peace if you understand. You forget everything that is going on in your life because you are following a different story. The way I see it, any world is better than this one, and even when you're not flipping through the pages, your head stays on the story. Escaping reallity many say. And of course it looks pretty in your bookshelf. Do you know that feeling when you finish a book and feel a little bit down because it's over and you put that book in your shelf like it's a throphy ?? It's a good feeling belive me.
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Post by Destined8 »

Reading is fulfilling in various ways~ Informative reading is what one must do to accomplish the outcome one set out too on their life's journey~ Now, when one can just appreciate the levels of value reading really brings to the table it's a privilege & honor~ Fueling one's brain with knowledge is always enjoyable to me as well as soothing to my body when I need to declutter my mind.
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Post by krizrabbit »

As for me, it's because I can go to different worlds while I'm in my safe place. I didn't need to go out to feel, see, and experience those worlds. The creative mind of an author is amazing! The worlds and creatures that can be made is unlimited. Reading diff perspectives is also one of my favorites, it gives you a wider understanding of characters. In short it's really fun.
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Post by jozefbehr »

To see things from a different perspective. I love a book that makes me think and shows me things from other people's perspectives.
James Goodman
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Post by James Goodman »

My vocabulary and use of diction has improved since I started reading. My creativity level has also improved. Reading takes one to another realm.
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