Do long books put you off reading?

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Re: Do long books put you off reading?

Post by Chizioboli »

Whenever I want to review a book and I realise its over 200, no matter how tasty the summary is, I get turned off from reading that book. I just zone off and stay away
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Claudia DCD
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Post by Claudia DCD »

I love long books if the story and world are so in depth that I never want to leave. But if I'm trying a new author or genre or universe, then a short one just sets me up to succeed rather than fail and avoid reading in general. As reading becomes more difficult, either because of my brain fog or my time available, shorter reads at least make me feel good about finishing something. But longer ones can come with more dopamine from the large accomplishment. But it's gotta have that reputation behind it, that it'll all be worth it in the end, and way after too. It's a bit prideful, but I feel good when I can tell someone I've read this really difficult and long book and enjoyed it no less. It's acknowledging it was hard work but also acknowledging that work was worth it too, for my internal and external life.
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single churro
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Post by single churro »

As mentioned previously by someone, long books are risky business. And if it is from a new author for me, it means putting my time and emotions into something that may not fulfill my expectations. So, I try not to pick long books on impulse, only start them if I am very sure that I won’t be disappointed.
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Post by Hops2 »

Yes it most definitely does, I want something that goes straight to the point. I want to read a book and move to the next one.
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Post by EddyFiend »

It's a bit daunting to start reading a long book, particularly anything over 500 pages. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy was a challenging read for me.
Meadow Fox
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Post by Meadow Fox »

Depends on the book, and/or the author. and/or current mood. :)
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Post by lucybear »

I love long books! The one thing I hate is reading a fantastic book and know it's coming to an end. I will find excuses not to read.because I don't want to finish reading! Of it's a interesting book and appeals to what I like I would love it to be extra long!
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Post by rnbwrhiannon3 »

I just finished Barkskins by Annie Proulx. I got really discouraged about 50 pages in, didn't want to finish. Pushed forward a few days later, at around 100 really struggled again. I gave it a few more chapters and ended up enjoying it finally! This was just over 700 pages.
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Post by car-mbz »

Any book with more than 500 pages is just a turn off, I would really struggle to finish it.
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Amna Khalid
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Post by Amna Khalid »

No, it doesn't put me off reading. If the book is interesting and captivating then I'm ready to read long books.
Amna Khalid
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Post by Little_Lotte »

If it is good, I relish every page. It doesn't matter how long a book is :techie-studyingbrown:
Douglas K A
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Post by Douglas K A »

I don't consider the length of the books I read as long as they are interesting enough to maintain my curiosity levels. Infact, I most times wish an interesting book does not end.
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Post by Kibetious »

The answer is not a direct 'Yes' or 'No' as it depends on the book content and how it's delivered. Even short books can be boring, depending on the same parameters.
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