Why do you like reading?

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Re: Why do you like reading?

Post by Sasha_100 »

I like experience of entering a new world. I don't have to share this perspective with anyone particularly and at the same time what I perceive from a book could be totally different from another readers.

Not to mention I love the escape it gives me.

Honestly quite the generic answer but it is what it is.
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Laksha Maria Charbel
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Post by Laksha Maria Charbel »

:techie-studyingbrown: I like reading because it has the unique ability to transport us to wherever the author takes us. The places that are imaginary or from a different time. To meet characters and share their perspective. To go on adventures, wars and witness the power of the wordsmith's mind. The ability to make one understand themselves. It is unlike anything else. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.
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Post by Pocoyo »

I like it because I can get lost in a new world; its a way to go on adventures and make friends without leaving my bed.
Cindy Dee
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Post by Cindy Dee »

My mom was telling me a few weeks back how when my sister started kindergarten, 3-years-old me couldn't wait for her to get home with her baggie book so I could read it. I always loved being read to and I learned to read very quickly on my own.I was a super-intelligent child. I was the most advanced reader in my class all through school and was at a very high reading level at a young age . Whenever i got a report card the only place i wanted to go for a reward was the bookstore to get a new book!

I am not sure what initially drew me to books but as I read chapter books, I fell in love with the adventures i could have in books. Because I was smart sometimes i was too wise beyond my years for my peers and I kind of felt lonely honestly. I was a totally normal kid but i loved art and reading and my friends didn't have any interest in books. I loved that when I had nobody, my books were there for me, always waiting. If I had a sad, boring, or lonely day, I could pick up a novel and be surrounded by characters of different backgrounds and personalities.

I also really love how much books have taught me! I have so many zoology books, books on psychology. They taught me about friendship, mental health, thinking, independence. I just love reading and always will.
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K M H P Devi
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Post by K M H P Devi »

I love reading because it helps us to experience an entirely different world. It helps me to see different perspectives of same subject. It helps me learn something new every time I read a book. It just a liberating feeling.
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Urvashi Tripathi
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Post by Urvashi Tripathi »

For me reading is something more than like or love. I don't know what is the main reason of my this hobby , maybe it gives me knowledge , maybe it inspires me , maybe it give me hope , maybe it make me dream more , maybe it make me to not mentally exists in the same place any more or maybe I feel good as I understand each character because I'm empath. At the end I can just say that , there are many reasons and I don't which one to put first but I sincerely love reading and I promised myself to never leave this hobby as it make me super happy.
Grace McHardy
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Post by Grace McHardy »

Reading immerses me in a world that I have never been in before. I am allowed to live an exciting life through the characters and go places that do not exist.
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Victor Kilyungi
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Post by Victor Kilyungi »

It's the one thing I can do and I won't feel bogged down by details or the annoyance of constantly remembering what I'm doing. I just have to sit back relax and enjoy the ride.
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