Paperback or Hardcover?

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Nithilah Ayyappan
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Re: Paperback or Hardcover?

Post by Nithilah Ayyappan »

Although paperback is more flexible and easier to handle, I would go for hardcover any day. First, I do not need to stress over whether the spine will get damaged, and are more sturdy than a paperback. Also, they look and feel much better.
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Suzer6440 xyz
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Post by Suzer6440 xyz »

I am a lover of my kindle but if I had to choose between a hardcover or a paperback book I would definately vote for paperback. It’s easier to handle and usually much smaller to carry places than a hardcover book. Seeing as I have a book with me everywhere I go.
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Post by ILikeBigBooks »

I like to have a set of both for my favorite series (The Kingdom Keepers and Harry Potter namely) though I also like to have paper back ones for taking on the road and to actually read, I keep the hardcovers ones on a shelf and don't really use them (especially if they are signed)
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Post by Esther11 »

I prefer paperback to hardcover because they are convenient to carry and less expensive.
Stephanie O 2
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Post by Stephanie O 2 »

I think it definitely depends if I'm just getting the book as a quick read (in which case it would be a paperback) or if I'm getting it knowing I want it to last and am going to cherish it.
Michelle Menezes
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Post by Michelle Menezes »

I have never owned a hardcover, so I can't really say, but paperbacks are less expensive and easier to carry, so I guess paperbacks.
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Sydney Lee
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Post by Sydney Lee »

Either one, honestly. In some ways I prefer paperback because it's lighter and easier to hold on to, but in other ways, I like hardback because it doesn't get damaged as easily as a paperback can. For example, I fell asleep on my book last night; it was a paperback, so it got bent a bit. A hardcover wouldn't have that issue.
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Post by ashjohjac1012 »

I think hard covers stay in shape a lot longer the edges on the paper covers seem to fray and the creases always end up somewhere inconvenient I don't really like one over the other but if I had to I would buy hardcover
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Post by Poojitha_panchadarla »

To be honest, I don't mind either. As long as the story manages to keep me hooked, I'm all in.
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Pallavi Lakra
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Post by Pallavi Lakra »

Paperback 100%. Because Hardback is a little hard core, dont you think?
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Post by Starofthesea89 »

Yikes. Depends. I like paperback mostly but most of my new series are hardback because that's what they come in first. Regardless, once I get a book in either hard or soft cover, all the rest have to be that to match.
Aishwarya KG
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Post by Aishwarya KG »

Hardcover usually goes better since there's no guarantee for kids at the house would not rip it off.
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Amanda Dobson
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Post by Amanda Dobson »

I have both. I do prefer paper book over hardcover more so due to the fact that they are less costly, easy to store and not as comber some when carrying them about. The downside to my paperbacks though is that I worry that they could be damaged beyond repair.
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Post by Bookreviewer71 »

I prefer paperback as I carry them mindlessly anywhere and everywhere. But I wish I had a hardcover version for each of my paperbacks so I can leave it to my future grandchildren.
Shreya Mishra 3
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Post by Shreya Mishra 3 »

I like paperbacks, always easy to handle.
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