Could you date someone who doesn't read?

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Beata hoff
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Re: Could you date someone who doesn't read?

Post by Beata hoff »

From the point of view of another woman who married a non-reader and who has been married for almost 11 years now (he’s a vlog and news fan but really we rub along quite well :P) the important thing should be that you have something in common with your SO that you can share and talk about. For us it is our mutual love of *bad* action movies and all kinds of music that keeps us together. Also, my husband has no problem with me telling him the entire plot of whatever I’ve read because he won’t be reading it himself!

The only time this did cause strife was during the GOT tv series - he got tired of me explaining what they got wrong and by series three I was no longer allowed to speak during episodes :D :D

I think it has more to do to with respect for the other person than anything else. It is also not fair, I think, to say that non-readers are close-minded just because of a proclivity for staying away from pages. Plenty of readers are pretty dense too.

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Dida Stergiou
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Post by Dida Stergiou »

Well... I can't imagine how my life would be without books, but this is just me after all. The unsaid truth for us readers is that not everyone is keen on reading( at least my 3-years old boyfriend isn't :lol2:) and that's totally fine by me. :romance-heartsfade: :romance-inlove:

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Post by CaroloftheOldOnes »

I'm pretty sure I could. As mentioned above, the conversation might be limited at first, but over time, maybe I could convert him to the wonders of literature...?

What about a person who might not date someone who doesn't do, say mountain-climbing or origami? ;)


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Post by BrandonEllrich »

I am a writer, so books are a big part of my life; however, to some extent, I believe the saying that opposites attract. I would certainly date someone who would choose not to read. There are so many other ways to connect, and a relationship should not be determined by one particular interest.
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I would if he gives me time to read in peace. I don't mind a non-reader. It's a "let's see'' kind of thing.

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Post by Themysteriouskitten »

I could bring myself to not care for a specific amount of time given that they donot do something about my unhealthy obsession with books but if they do all bets are off. Also I can't bring myself to imagine a person who is consiously making a choice of not enriching their experience or gaining knowledge.
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Post by nikkiloveskiwi »

Don't think I could. I love reading books and want to share my love for it with the one I end up with.

A Y reviews
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Post by A Y reviews »

For me, there is so much more to life and intellect than books. I have met some really cool dudes who are not "bookies". So yes I would

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Post by kirismy »

I think I could date someone who doesn't like reading, but they would have to have something else in common with me. This isn't much different from having friends who don't read much or even dislike reading, and I am friends with such people. However, I think the relationship would be more successful if he did enjoy reading. Enjoying books together sounds like a pleasant pastime and a good conversation starter.

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Post by gab_variable »

Mmm. Honestly, it depends? There are a few other mediums to get educated now aside from reading, so if they aren't a fan of books but seek out learning through other ways, then sure! I doubt I'd hit it off with someone who had no love for stories, though...

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Post by Aaafrank »

Understanding that not everyone will have the same interests is important to the relationship. Of course, there are some people who choose not to read because they would rather be doing something less strenuous to the mind, or they don't have that reader sense of imagining the story as something above words on paper. Most people who despise reading simply haven't encountered a genre they like, or they have PTSD from a strict, 50-pages-a-day English class. I think I could manage. There's more to a relationship than having common interests--though they be important.

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Post by Gothic_Book_Lover88 »

I've been with my partner for nearly 9 years and he never reads a book, magazine, newspaper etc.
Hasnt affected us so far lol xx

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