What is your favorite time of day to read?

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Re: What is your favorite time of day to read?

Post by jerrypru »

I find it enjoyable to read early in the morning before everyone wakes up and it's just you and your book.

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Post by books_andpoetri »

Morning to late afternoon is my favorite time to read.

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Leyla Ann
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Post by Leyla Ann »

Night time, especially right before I fall asleep.
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Srishti Rana
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Post by Srishti Rana »

I generally start reading at 9pm and end up reading till 2 in the morning and if I don't have school the next I would continue reading and till 4 😅

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Post by espo »

I love reading in the early morning and late evening/night. Depending on the book, I might read during my lunchbreak and commute to work also :)
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Post by Avidreader01 »

If I am at home with nothing to do, I read at any hour of the day, and if the book is particularly interesting, I definitely will not be able to put it down during the night until it's time for bed.

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Post by Ria710 »

I love to read in the evening when it's starting to get dark. It just feels so cozy and comfortable then.

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Daniel Muky
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Post by Daniel Muky »

I read whenever there is unoccupied space in my time, but mostly in the morning and late night

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Post by AtomicEye »

I like to read very early in the morning. My daughter has gone off to school, my husband is at work and I have only the company of my book and coffee.

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Post by AmyMarie2171 »

I love reading at night, right before bed. Everyone has settled down and it's quiet and there is no one to disturb me. The same could be said of mornings, but I truly don't think I'm in any state to read before ten a.m..

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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

The time does not matter its the book i am reading that matters the most. I can read late at night i even read when i just wake up.

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Post by Xenolyph »

I am a night owl, so I usually like to read late at night past midnight. That's usually the time when everyone is in bed, so I'm able to really relax and focus on my book without any interruptions. Also, the street noise is almost completely gone during that time, so I don't have to worry about that either.

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Post by VISHWA129 »

As awful as it is for my sleep schedule, I love reading at night when I can just relax in bed with a cup of tea and a good book. It really helps if you get easily distracted while reading, and it's also just a wonderful thing to feel like you're on a lone adventure through the pages while the rest of the world slumbers.

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Post by EmmaM123 »

I'm definitely a late-at-night-reader. I don't always do it on purpose, but once I start reading, I don't really notice the time. It is very peaceful in the middle of the night though.

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Post by Radiant_Reader101 »

I prefer to read in the late afternoon or early morning. Mostly due to the fact that the weather is perfect during these times for reading. I also love the quiet.

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