Books series vs Standalone books

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Re: Books series vs Standalone books

Post by ayomie »

I prefer standalone books because series test my patience.
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Post by lisalynn »

I know series are all the rage, but there's nothing wrong with a good stand-alone.

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Post by srividyag1 »

It depends on the book, really. Normally I read only standalone books. But recently I have started reading many series. one of my recent favorites is Sabaa Tahir's An Ember in the ashes...
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Post by luz0928 »

I think it depends on the story, there are stories that with one book is more than enough and making it longer would ruin it. For example mystery books. But on the other hand, there are series of books that area brilliant! because they have a lot of characters that need more time developing and the story line requires more detail.

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Post by Jennz123 »

I get emotionally attached to my books if I can relate to the characters, so series work best for me. Sometimes I feel lost when I finish a good book so I like to have the next one lined up

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Post by Monet_va »

I prefer a series when there are grounds for one, but there are few things more annoying than a story that has been stretched out unnecessarily just to publish more. But a series does provide more time with the characters and world!

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Post by Kister Bless »

I like both series books and standalone books. So long as the book has an intriguing plot, the characters are well-developed and relatable and its flow is great am good to go wether it's standalone book or a series. Any can do.
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Post by Ekta Swarnkar »

My priorities are stand-alone books, it's like I can go for a quick read and have a satisfaction of knowing the ending of the story.
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Post by WhiteLotus »

I prefer standalone books, I like knowing for sure that there is an ending to what I read.
I like series too, don't get me wrong, but a lot of times you're loving the series, the last book comes and... it's a disappointment. So I would rather not be that invested if I can help it.

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