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Of Beasts and Vengeance
by Elle Madison and Robin D. Mahle

Tempered Steel
by Renee Vincent

by Carolyn Keene

The Snow Queen's Surprise
by Carolyn Keene

Kristy and the Cat Burglar
by Ann M. Martin

Last Days of John Brown, the Abolitionist
by Doris N. Starks

The Keeper of Happy Endings
by Barbara Davis

The Cartographers
by Peng Shepherd

Island of Gold
by Amy Maroney

by Shane Boulware

Heritage of Aspen Valley
by Steven E. Wilde

The Door Between Worlds
by Steven E. Wilde

Battle for Aspen Valley
by Steven E. Wilde

Midnight In Washington
by Adam Schiff

World in Chaos
by Steven E. Wilde

Worlds in Collision
by Steven E. Wilde

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