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The Diligent
by Robert W. Harms

Slavery In The Arab World
by Murray Gordon

by George Bailey Sansom

Japanese Short Stories
by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

The African Heritage of American English
by Joseph E. Holloway and Winifred K. Vass

Neither Black Nor White
by Joseph E. Holloway

Africanisms in American Culture
by Joseph E. Holloway

African Dance
by Kariamu Welsh Asante

Black, White, Other
by Lise Funderburg

The Black Box
by Malcolm MacPherson

Before You Think Another Thought
by Bruce I. Doyle III

Bali to Bombay
by Tim Connors

Cricket and Race
by Jack Williams

Blue-Collar Journal
by John Royston Coleman

The Laws of Eternity
by Ryuho Okawa

Sidney Poitier
by Aram Goudsouzian

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