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Hide Away
by Jason Pinter

I Am Jade
by Victoria Danes

Phantom horse goes to Scotland
by Christine Pullein Thompson

Phantom horse
by Christine Pullein Thompson

Black Richard’s Heart
by Suzan Tisdale

by James Swallow

Organized for Masked Motives
by Ritter Ames

Mister Pushkin Sees The Light (Tales Of Mister Pushkin Book 1)
by AC Michael

A Bad Day For Sunshine
by Darynda Jones

Who Did You Tell?
by Lesley Kara

The Secrets They Left Behind
by Lissa Marie Redmond

If She Had Stayed
by Diane Byington

The Second Home
by Christina Clancy

The Night Swim
by Megan Goldin

A Hundred Suns
by Karin Tanabe

The Second Wife
by Rebecca Fleet

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