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Poisoned in Light (The Dragori #3)
by Ben Alderson

Found in Night (The Dragori #2)
by Ben Alderson

Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori #1)
by Ben Alderson

Prince of Flames (The Dragori 0)
by Ben Alderson

Meant to Be
by Nan Reinhardt

by Maxine Sylvester

The Legend Of Socket Greeny (Socket Greeny #3)
by Tony Bertauski

The Training Of Socket Greeny (Socket Greeny #2)
by Tony Bertauski

Ashes Of Foreverland
by Tony Bertauski

by Tony Bertauski

Clay (Halfskin #2)
by Tony Bertauski

Falling from Gravity
by K.K. Allen

A Boss's Proposal
by Layla Holt

by Jeanette Winterson

the mystery train
by carolyn keene

ofcourse i love you
by durjay dutta

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