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The Influencer
by Frankie Bow

Mist At The Beach House
by Victoria L.K. Williams

Academic Curveball
by James J. Cudney

KittyKai's Easter Mystery
by Debbie De Louise

Perils In Provence
by Carolyn L. Dean

Pig Little Lies
by Erin Johnson

Wesley Raccoon
by Michelle Porter

Wesley Raccoon
by Michelle Porter

Triumphing Through Trauma
by Jeremy Nobles

Careless In The Care Of God
by Aaron Everitt

I Decided to Live as Me
by Kim Soo-hyun

Dead Space
by Kali Wallace

Cozy Up To Murder
by Colin Conway

Shrimply Dead
by Maggie Toussaint

Back to the Drawing Board
by Kristen Gudsnuk

by Judi Miller

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