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Altitude Journals
by David Mauro

Berserkers: The Beginning
by Fred Saberhagen

Sheer Folly
by Carola Dunn

No ordinary summer
by Linda Barret

Father Christmas and Me
by Matt Haig

Meditation for beginners
by Lila A.

by Andreas Fohr

Penelop und der funkenrote Zauber
by Valija Zinck

The Unbound Soul
by Richard L. Haight

You are Dead (Sign Here Please)
by Andrew Stanek

Relational Awareness
by Vasileios Korompilias

ADIPISCING: The Superlatives Supravolume of New Derivative Art
by Tiitus Adonis Sokolsky

by John Julius Norwich

How Do We Look/The Eye of Faith
by Mary Beard

Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust
by Charles Patterson

The Conquest of Bread
by Peter Kropotkin

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