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by Ellie Douglas

Picture Perfect
by Lisa Moreau

The Ka
by Mary Deal

We Came Alive in '75: The Pat and Mary Lee Story
by Pat Deihl

The Heiress (The Wraith Trilogy Book 3)
by Arielle Strauss

The Huntress (The Wraith Trilogy Book 2)
by Arielle Strauss

The Wraith (The Wraith Trilogy Book 1)
by Arielle Strauss

In The Blood Of The Greeks (Intertwined Souls #1)
by Mary D. Brooks

My Box of Chocolates: How my child with autism learned to read, write and more
by Goretti Rerri

Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures
by Walter Moers

The summer before forever
by Melissa Chambers

Lost Boy
by Chanda Hahn

His Dirty Secret (side chick confessions book 1)
by Mia Black

Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye Part Five: The Countdown Begins
by Patrick Higgins

if we're together why do i feel so alone
by holly parker

As The Days Of Noah Were
by Dante Fortson

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