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Wild On My Mind
by Laurel Kerr

Lily White Lie
by Connie Chappell

Massacre at Agua Caliente
by Craig Rainey

Champions of Time
by Sarah Woodbury

See You Again
by Kait Nolan

Murder Over Cocktails
by Nancy Skopin

Dog Day Wedding
by Rich Amooi

Arson at the Art Gallery
by Grace York

Unwrapping Jade
by Melanie Shawn

Lucky Kiss
by Melanie Shawn

Whisper of Love
by Melanie Shawn

A Touch of Shabby
by M.L. Bullock

The Brush-Off
by Piper Rayne

Deadly Reunion
by Amy Manemann

Forgotten and Remembered: The Duke’s Late Wife
by Bree Wolf

How to transform your life
by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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