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The Magnificient Zooanna
by Ken Dalrymple

Make Money Fast
by A.J. Aaron

Christmas Cake
by Celia Aaron

The Vampire's Dinner
by T.J. Nichols

Matthew's Present
by Sarah Hadley Brook

Ranger Station Haven
by S.A. Stovall

Krampus Hates Christmas
by Andi Van

The Stockings Were Hung
by Cassie Sweet

Scrooged Over
by David Connor

Cursed Miracles
by Meg Harding

The Orpheum Miracle
by Pat Henshaw

Simple After All
by Yolande Kleinn

Of Mooning Santas and Penis Lights
by Thianna Durston

How the Supervillain Stole Christmas
by Charles Payseur

Don't Let the Light Go Out
by L.A. Merrill

by E.F. Mulder

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