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365 Quotes Process
by d.a.vadi

Deep Blue
by Kristy McCaffrey

Discovering your Soul Mission
by Linda Brady

On Death and Dying
by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The Inner Sky
by Steven Forrest

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies
by Addison Moore

Fool’s Gold
by Jennifer Skully

It Must Be Magic
by Jennifer Skully and Jasmine Haynes

Bones & Boxes
by Anna Drake

Beautiful Fury
by Katharine E. Hamilton

Over My Dead Husband's Body
by Etta Faire

Finding Hero
by Diana L. Sharples

Until Death Do Us Tart
by Holly Plum

Murder Con Carne
by Holly Plum

"Til Death Do Us Part
by Kerry S McKendall

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