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Cocky Chef
by J.D. Hawkins

In The Spur of Heath
by Sydney Ledger

The Regency Brides Collection
by Michelle Griep and Nancy Moser and Erica Vetsch and MaryLuTyndall and Amanda Barratt and Angela Bell

Call Girls
by Emma Jaye

Scarborough Fair
by Margarita Morris

by M. U. Phoenix

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
by Rick Riordan

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
by Rick Riordan

Instructions for a Second-hand Heart
by Tamsyn Murray

Sister Carrie
by William H. Coles

Who Was Maria Tallchief?
by Catherine Gourley

The Cats of Roxville Station
by Jean Craighead George

Children of the Great Depression
by Russell Freedman

these violent delights
by Victoria namkung

Halloween with Snowman Paul
by Yossi Lapid

Water Shoes
by Christian England

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