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Drone Chase
by Pam Withers

The Tuscan Secret
by Angela Petch

Taken by the Beast
by Adrian Blue

The Dragon's Bride
by Adrian Blue

Fangs & Fairy Dust
by Melissa Monroe and Kyla Colby

Catnip and Culprits
by Kyla Colby

A Beginner's Guide to Releasing Trapped Emotions
by Chariss K. Walker

Murder Revisited
by William Coleman

The Snowman Killer
by Wendy Meadows

Bow Wow Big House
by Addison Moore and Bellamy Bloom

Magic and Other Disasters
by Vanessa Wells

Keeping the Pieces
by Brenda Lowder

Hadley and Grace
by Suzanne Redfearn

Marina Svetlova: A Tribute
by Michael Limoli

A Cat’s Tale
by Baba the Cat

A Bride for Harland
by Marisa Masterson

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