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Mission: Elephant Rescue
by Ashlee Brown Blewett and Daniel Raven-Ellison

Lwanda Magere
by Okoit Omtatah

Nemesis Horizon Project
by Eric Stephen Booth

Murder in the Family
by Lesley A Diehl

False Friends
by Stephen Leather

Therefore, Choose Life
by Suzanne Marks Rosoff

The Wanting Hearts
by Nicole Jordan

Fantastic Tales Book One
by Bob Price

Betty Buick
by Bob Price

Betty Buick
by Bob Price

Wattzing A Two-Step
by Dan Juday

Love on the way to area 51
by Leonid Alt

Zoey Punches the Future in the dick
by David Wong

Risky Relics
by E.Z. Pennington

by Seanan McGuire

Dead Man's Cove
by Lauren St. John

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