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The First Ten Focus Group Feedback for Justice: A Novella

Because Justice was Book of the Day, some of our most trusted members have carefully looked over the cover, the description, and other aspects of this book as a part of purchase-intent focus group. We then asked each participant in the focus group if they planned to buy and read the book, and why they planned to buy and read the book or not. Their answer to that question and reasons are displayed below. We call this awesome feature The First Ten Focus Group.

Keep in mind, the responses from the members are not reviews. This is purchase-intent focus group which means the participants are people who have NOT yet bought or read your book. A purchase-intent focus group is an important and extremely useful marketing tool for any product, not just books. For other products, you might walk on the street and show people an item in a package and poll them about whether they would buy if or $X or not. These kind of focus groups are one of the ways big marketing companies find the ideal price points for products and test the effectiveness of different packaging. The focus group can help you identify your market so you how to target ads of your book, and it can (but may not) provide you new useful info about your "packaging" (e.g. your book cover, your book synopsis on Amazon, etc.). The point of the focus group comments is to give you information from people who have not bought or read your book about why they plan to buy your book which will help you in marketing the book. These are not reviews or critiques of your book because they are not from people have read the book. This is a marketing tool, not reviews. The trick of book marketing and book advertising is that you have to convince people who have not read your book yet that your book is worth buying and reading. For marketing, it doesn't matter much if people love your book after reading it if you cannot convince potential buyers before they read it that they will love it.

IMPORTANT: Any score over 10% is considered very good. And any score above 0% is acceptable. This is because we only poll about 20 or so readers, and all readers have to say "no" to almost all books. Over a million books are published each year. Even a very active reader cannot come close to even reading 1% of books out there.

This is also why publishing books is such a tough industry.


The cover looks good. The synopsis gives us a general introduction to this book. The sample is good. The sample introduces us to Brynn, who is cheating on her husband Marcus with Brian. She does not feel attracted to Brain, but she does it anyway. The sample has a monologue of Brynn, as she explains her state of mind. Her thoughts are engaging with a touch of humor now and then and are addictive to read. It never feels overdone and creates my interest in this psychological story. So, I am going to buy and read this book as I am interested in the story. No typos were found in the first ten pages. I found nothing to improve in the first ten pages. The Official Review is present, and the reviewer rates it highly.

First Ten review added on August 16, 2020, at 4:06 am by Howlan.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Aditi Sapate

I wouldn't have chosen to read this book based on the title, cover and genre, as I mostly prefer reading non-fiction books nowadays. The cover too, seems too grave for my liking. From the official OnlineBookClub review, I got a brief overview of the book and what it is about. When I started reading the book, I realised that the book deals with serious topics of adultery and the justice system. The book seems to be written with a lot of insight as to why Brynn doesn't feel guilty when she cheats on her husband and why Marcus behaves the way he does. However, I'm not a fan of reading books with such serious themes. I will not continue reading the book. The sample did not contain any grammatical errors.

First Ten review added on August 16, 2020, at 2:07 am by Aditi Sapate.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I would not have chosen Justice by Scott Hughes based on the title. Nevertheless, I would have chosen it based on the cover illustration. After reading the First Ten, I realized it is a book about a neglected wife, Brynn, who takes to a habit of sexually entertaining strangers because her husband Marcus is too busy for her. However, I will not be reading the entire book due to the profanities. I did not come across any errors and did not see anything to improve. I most like that the author gives the reader lots of insight on what is happening in the mind of Brynn. Through her thoughts, the reader can easily get into the story. I did not see the official review of the book so I cannot say if it influenced me.

First Ten review added on August 16, 2020, at 1:57 am by LeDiplomatique.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The blurb of the book seems rather compelling, and the cover and title are quite interesting. This genre is difficult to write – as is expected, exploring the human psyche and critiquing the modern justice system are no mean feats. However, when they are written well, books of this genre have the potential to be truly brilliant. Upon reading the sample, I was very intrigued by the premise. My favourite part has to be how the writing style flows very smoothly, and it’s sufficient to make the reader keen to find out more. I did not find any typos, nor did I find any places for improvement. I am certainly keen on reading this book in the future!

First Ten review added on August 16, 2020, at 1:35 am by xsquare.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The cover art successfully conveys a sense of mysterious intrigue and contemplative duality. The Amazon product description consists of a brief excerpt and review blurb, but it still manages to provide a broad plot synopsis of themes. As the story begins, readers are quickly introduced to philandering Brynn and the rationalizing habituation that drives her. The numbness that follows an extinguished sense of guilt creates an emotional sort of detachment all its own. This book appears to have been professionally edited. I assume the oddly appearing line break in the first word of the accessible sample is somehow related to intentional formatting that was done for a decorative drop cap. The 3 published OBC reviews all award this title a perfect rating, as do the great majority of the 30 currently posted Amazon user ratings. Since matrimonial infidelity and a 'disintegrating marriage' are topics I already have more than enough firsthand experience with, I will be passing on this one. For readers who can appreciate a quick exploration into the convoluted complexities of a catastrophic coupledom, this one likely has the potential to thoroughly entertain.

First Ten review added on August 16, 2020, at 1:32 am by AvidBibliophile.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


First of all, I want to say the cover of the book is beautiful. I was immediately attracted to the book. I didn't find any official review, but the volunteer reviews I read rated it well, and that's always a good first impression. As for the sample that I read, the narrative was slightly odd. I had to read some paragraphs two or three times to understand them. The errors I found were probably due to the formatting of the app. There are a few words with random spaces breaking them, for example: "I n the dimly lit bedroom..." Maybe a new round of proof reading could fix that. Sadly, while I was allured by the concept of the book, considering the sample, I don't think I would enjoy reading it, so I won't buy it.

First Ten review added on August 16, 2020, at 12:20 am by damis.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I thought this book was about crime thriller, but when I read the sample, it was more than a crime in a marriage journey. I didn't like the attitude of Brynn towards her husband. Though a lot of women wanted attention from their husbands, in this case, patience and understanding were the right word to describe Brynn in order to satisfy her sexual needs. I will not read this book because I don't like a novel involving divorced-marriages (especially when sexual desires are the root cause). I like the flow of the tale because of the fast-paced narrative. This novel is plainly for adults only due to the sensitive topic of marital-related issues. I found OBC reviews of this book, indeed the reviews were helpful to me as well as the Amazon reviews. The editing is fine, and there's nothing to improve.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 11:55 pm by jeminah28.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Alice Ngugi

I loved reading the first ten pages. The cover itself does justice to the book and would have read the book even before sampling the first ten. The cover seems to imply a dark and deep story. The reviews that I saw also indicate a book worth my time.
I love how the author tries to involve the reader. I felt like I understood Brynn's situation. I also feel the book may be professionally edited since I barely found any errors. It was a perfect start.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 1:35 pm by Alice Ngugi.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Maria Esposito

I knew I would not be interested in this book before I sampled it. I do not really like the cover design, and both the title and the blurb are rather generic. This made me unsure as to what the book is exactly about. The book has a generally positive average rating on Amazon, but this had no impact on my lack of interest in this book. Reading the first few pages of the book did not make me change my mind. Brynn is cheating on her husband with Brian, but she does not feel guilty about it at all. The narration then goes into describing Brynn's failing marriage to a man who only seems to be concerned about his job. While the topic of the book became clearer to me as I read, I have no interest in reading about failing marriages and cheating wives. I also did not like that the author put so much emphasis on how Brynn wished her husband would hit her. I found this distasteful and disrespectful toward those women who do suffer from domestic abuse. I found no errors, so I assume that the book has been professionally edited. However, there were a lot of words written in cursive, which I did not really appreciate. There was nothing I particularly liked about this book. The book does not have an official review on this website, but this did not impact my initial decision.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 1:26 pm by Maria Esposito.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I was a little bit undecided when I read the blurb and review for this book. I loved the character-driven aspect of its story, but I'm not really into the affair/cheating aspect of it. Reading the sample, I got a domestic vibe from the story. The reader is taken inside the mind of Brynn and shown what her thought process is. I must admit that it is intriguing, but the genre isn't my cup of tea. Though the book appears to be well-edited as mentioned in the review, I will have to take a pass on this.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 12:34 pm by edztan15.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had I not actually sampled the first ten pages as part of this program, I would have chosen to read or sample this book based on the mysterious cover, the title, as I am interested in matters related to the law, the genre: the novella is a classic in literature and I wanted to see how it was achieved in this case, and the editorial review that I saw, which confirmed my guess. I am going to buy and read the whole book, reading the first ten pages did change my mind from my original guess in a positive way, I was not expecting a soft, frivolous tone in a book with such a ”serious” title. The book seems like it was professionally edited, I did not notice any typos/errors. What I liked most in the bit I read was the coziness and lack of judgment of the narrated facts and attitudes, i.e. of a young adulterous wife. I cannot see anything that could be improved.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 11:56 am by aacodreanu.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The cover and the title indicated to me that the story in this book revolves around elements of betrayal and justice, just knowing that, I read the official review of this book because I was curious to know more about the story and its premise. The official review was brilliant and helped me to understand that this book depicts an unhappy marriage. When Marcus finds his wife, Brynn, cheating on him, their marriage begins to dwindle. This information intrigued me to read the sample of the book before purchasing it. When I read the first ten pages, I realized that this book is professionally edited because I did not find any grammatical or typing errors. The thing l liked the most is the powerful narrative that elegantly depicts the reality of relation between Marcus and Brynn. The book is a kind of an eyeopener that highlights the fact that people like Brynn exist in this world. Brynn's character was unpredictable. Also, the book educates us about the corrupt criminal system that prevails still today. The sentences are loaded with a lot of meaningful aspects of our modern life. My suggestion to the author would be to continue writing a few more good books like this one. Considering all these facts, I decided to purchase and read this book today because it is worth reading.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 5:46 am by sanjus.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Nickolas Farmakis

This is a novella about the meaning of justice and good. I would have read this book based on the cover, the genre, and the title because I like books related to law and justice. However, I will not read this book, as it contains too much profanity. I did not find errors in the sample I read, so it was a well edited novel. What I liked most about this book was that it contained lots of tension, emotion, drama, and suspesne, which engages the reader in the story. To improve, the author should remove some of the profane sexual scenes that distract the reader from the main plot of the story. This book had an Official OnlineBookClub review, which did not affect my opinions.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 4:19 am by Nickolas Farmakis.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Elvis Best

Based on the book's title and cover, I would not have read it, because I did not find the title to be catchy enough. Nonetheless, reading the first ten pages changed my mind, as I found it to be captivating. I kept on reading way after the first ten pages because I was entertained by the way the book was narrated. Also, I believe the book has been professionally edited, as I found no errors in the first ten pages. The one thing I liked most was the humorous and satiric nature of the book. Consequently, I couldn't possibly suggest any improvements to the book at this stage. I did read an Official OnlineBookClub review that I think presented the book very well.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 3:27 am by Elvis Best.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The cover is great and the official OBC review rates it a full 4 stars. I have always read rave reviews about the book; however, the fact that this is not my preferred genre makes me hesitant to read this one. The first ten pages were without editing issues. They feature Brynn, as she reveals the truth about her failing marriage and infidelity. The author conveys the suffocation she feels in this loveless marriage perfectly. I don't have any suggestions for improvement, either. However, seeing that this is not a genre I enjoy, I would pass this one.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 3:24 am by Shrabastee.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


After reading the sample of this book, I’ve noticed that Justice: A Novella by Scott Hughes is a wonderfully written and riveting read. Although the sample was very brief, I could tell the storyline of this book seemed to have been wonderfully written. I think the cover page was wonderfully done, and the title was also relevant and attractive. The book’s description and the review posted on the Amazon website were all impressive and gave a vital message about the book. The book also had an OnlineBookClub review, which gave insight into what the book was all about. I didn’t find any error (in the pages I’ve read), except for the spacing error in the first sentence of the first chapter. But I think this was only in the kindle version I downloaded. Therefore, I think the book was professionally edited. The likable thing in this book is its captivating storyline and its writing style. The story of Brynn is creatively penned. She feels no guilt for her infidelity, and seemingly their marriage is soon plunged into trouble. The progress of this book is so promising, and I believe fans of this genre will like it. Having read the OnlineBookClub review and the author’s description, I’m not going to finish reading this book, because I’m not a fan of this genre.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 3:22 am by J_odoyo.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Brynn and Marcus are in a broken relationship. As husband and wife, things work against them. Marcus is too committed to his occupation. He hardly has time for his wife. Brynn practices infidelity. She sleeps with men, something she is not guilty of committing. She argues that her husband cares less about his dressing and fervently wishes that Marcus would hit her (to give her more reasons to despise him). In the eyes of the public, Marcus is a cool guy. Therefore, no one would believe Brynn if she accused him of abuse. Justice by Scott Hughes was edited by a professional because I found no grammatical errors. The review by OBC promised that it’s an enthralling read. Having sampled a few pages, I can attest that this is indeed a thriller. The cover and review had me decided to read this book, even before sampling. I loved most the humor in it. Brynn’s sentiments were hilarious but also drove her point home. I am going to purchase this thriller as it addresses a theme I love, unfaithfulness, and its effects.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 2:54 am by Seroney_.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The book cover looks very dark, but the title seems catchy. I read the Official OBC review and read the first few sample pages, and the book seems well-edited. But I don't want to buy this book. I liked that the first chapter was titled Bedroom; it evoked interest. But this kind of marriage story does not fit my forte of reading. The book cover could use some color-palette improvement. It seems very dark and unattractive.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 2:50 am by Mrunalpatki.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Justice by Scott Hughes sounds like an interesting, thought-provoking, and fascinating novel. The book is divided into five sections (part one, part two, part three, part four, and the end). I liked the cover page of this book—it is amazing. The story follows an unfaithful woman(Bryñn), who doesn't feel guilty when committing adultery( cheating on his husband, Marcus). The storyline seems to be well-crafted. I've sampled the first few pages( a sample on the Amazon), and I found no error—it seemed to be professionally edited. It had a well-woven review, present on OnlineBookClub which gave an insight into what the book entails. I also liked how the author began his story in an interesting way "Sympathy shines the only light in the dark impassable tunnels constructed between all of us. Forever alone, destined for the abyss of existential annihilation, the dim light of sympathy provides not a rescue but a much-needed comfort." Generally, I liked the book, and I'm going to add it to my must-read books.

First Ten review added on August 15, 2020, at 2:05 am by Reader047.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Katie Canedy

I likely wouldn't have read the sample of Justice if it was not the OnlineBookClub book of the day. The author is one that I would not think to look up, which is why I state this. I read the sample, but I was not too impressed because it mentioned cheating on a spouse. I was uncomfortable with this idea, making me decide to skip it. The official OnlineBookClub review was not very informative, and was much more choppy than other official reviews that I have read in the past. Sadly, it was not enough to convince me to change my decision. I will give credit where it is due though. I enjoyed how the flow was smooth, and that there were no grammatical errors in the first ten pages that I read. The cover was very fitting for the topic and the contents within as well.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 11:53 pm by Katie Canedy.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I found the official OnlineBookClub review a little encouraging, but I ultimately decided to not buy this book. I did not find the characters relatable; I don’t think I'll enjoy reading this novella. After I sampled the book, my decision still stands. It is because of the reason I’ve stated before. What I liked the most is reading about Brynn’s reasons for her infidelity. I have always thought cheaters are bad, but I never considered the reasons behind their cheating. This served as an eye-opener to me that we shouldn’t instantly judge people. The book seems professionally edited, as I didn’t notice any errors when I read the sample. I don’t think there is anything I can suggest to improve the quality of the book.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 10:47 pm by aaurba.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I find the book's cover being a bit unattractive to my eyes. Therefore, I would have easily overlooked it had I not been part of this program. Hughes should improve more on its aesthetic look. However, I decided to buy and read the book to its last page after sampling its first ten pages. I loved the plot; it's very captivating, and I would want to know more details on Brynn's infidelity to Marcus. I wouldn't say I liked the numerous f-bombs in the book. Nonetheless, they didn't affect my reading in any way. The book has an official review from OnlineBookClub, and it has no errors in the few pages that I read.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 9:19 pm by moowshiri.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Odette Chace

I like the simplicity of the title and cover. The synopsis on Amazon was a bit vague and didn't sell me on the book. However, the official Online Book Club review provided much more information about the book and gave it a perfect rating of 4 out of 4 stars. The fact that the reviewer could not find a single error in the book is also very promising. I'm looking forward to sampling the book. While reading, I did not notice any errors. I believe the work was professionally edited and I found the writing intriguing. I would like to finish reading the book in the future. I found it a little jarring that the narrator asked the reader directly if Brynn's infidelity made her awful but then went on to give the answer: no. However, since many people would probably answer yes, directly refuting this answer forces the reader to become more emotionally invested in the narrator's argument, so I can see why that stylistic choice was made.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 6:31 pm by Odette Chace.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Adrianna Melillo

I’ve recently become very interested in the corrupt justice system in America; so coming across this book today felt a little serendipitous. Additionally, in the Official OnlineBookClub review, this book is described as “both blunt and poetic.” Writing that “says it like it is,” but does so with elegance and grace, is truly work to be commemorated. Therefore, I was very excited to read the sample. The sample did not disappoint. The reviewer was right about the combination of blunt and poetic writing. I also like the way the author interacts slightly with the reader. It’s not in an obvious way, but it seems the narrator is aware of the reader. The line that sealed the deal, however, was this: “The funny thing about guilt is how close it lives to anger.” I couldn’t agree more, but have never actually heard it put that way before. It felt nice to know someone understands the feeling. I did notice some spacing issues in the first sentence (and a few others after), but that could just be the sample version conforming to my phone screen. Other than that, I didn’t notice any spelling or grammatical errors, and have no suggestions for improvement. I will be buying and reading this book!

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 6:20 pm by Adrianna Melillo.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

B Creech

I would have checked out this book just by the cover and title alone. The cover caught my eye at first glance. The official review was informative and left me with enough questions that I wanted to know the answers to, although I still wasn't sure about reading it. However, after reading the sample, I knew I wanted to find out why Brynn didn't feel guilty for cheating on Marcus. What had he done that made her justify committing adultery? I am already assuming Marcus must have done something terrible for Brynn to cheat on him, so I will have to finish reading it to find out. In the portion I read, I did not find any errors. It was very well-edited. The only thing I would say needs to be improved is to remove the stronger curse words. Other than that, I enjoyed everything about what I read. I am going to get this book and read it at my earliest convenience.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 6:10 pm by B Creech.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


Justice appeared to me as a modern-day story of broken relationships. I know this is a harsh reality for many people, but for me, it was somewhat challenging to relate. I enjoyed the author’s gripping and emotionally loaded style of writing. I also could not find any faults in the editing of the book. The cover was quite appealing and fit the contents rather well. To conclude, everything seemed to be well and professionally made. Still, I doubt I am going to read Justice any time soon. I do not find any faults of the book itself, I just find reading about broken relationships a bit depressing. Until now, I have not encountered any reviews about this book, but am quite sure they would not change how I feel about the given topic.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 5:13 pm by Kirsi_78.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The story begins by telling about a woman Brynn who had sex with Bryan, who is not her husband. She doesn't feel guilty about it. In fact, it is not the first time she did it. The exhibition focuses on the description of the unfortunate marriage between Brynn and Marcus.
I found the description of the relationship interesting where the psychological and emotional abuse experienced by Brynn inflicted by her husband stands out. Although I believe that deception is unjustified without possessing all the elements of judgment, the approach to abuse, not necessarily physical, is interesting. Brynn resorts into deception without feeling guilty, that is very intriguing.
The official review praises the book, which encourages reading. The story is gripping with a simple and direct plot. Although in the sample the relationship with the issue of justice is yet unobserved, which also generates curiosity. In conclusion, if I would like to read the rest of this book, as soon as I can. The edition seems outstanding since I did not encounter any typo. The cover is extremely dark, which I believe makes it look less attractive, but it is consistent with the title and content of the book

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 4:40 pm by Readerjorge.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


Justice by Scott Hughes is a fiction book that contains crime, infidelity, suspense, and mystery. When I read its featured OnlineBookClub review, I was already interested in the plot since it seemed the author presented diverse views of the events, which sounded captivating. After sampling the book, I didn't change my mind, and I'm going to read the entire novel since it's dynamic, gripping, it has fast pacing, and it's hard to put it down. There's nothing that could be improved in the story, and it seems professionally edited.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 4:36 pm by gabrielletiemi.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


Since I like the genre of this book, I would sample it. The first ten pages didn't impress me. I don't like the style of writing since the author wrote it in present time, therefore I will not read it. I also think that the style could be improved a bit. It feels like the amateur wrote the book, but I also think that the book has a great potential. I have found no errors, and I can tell it is professionally edited. This book has the official review.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 3:10 pm by Tonika632.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I would not have chosen this novella based on its title, cover, and description. The description details some serious topics such as divorce and the faults of the justice system. I never choose books with heavier topics because I use reading as an escape from reality. The official review gave a good overview of each of the characters and their storylines. The official review allowed me to have a better idea of what to expect from the sample. The first ten pages go into depth about Brynn, who does not feel bad about constantly cheating on her husband Marcus. We get to see what goes through her mind and her aggression towards Marcus and his job. It was really interesting to see how she reasons her actions by blaming Marcus. With that side, I do not agree and I don't know if I want to read more about Brynn. I have no notes of improvement. I will not buy and read this book as of now. I love this concept of justice from different perspectives, so I may revisit this book in the future, but it is unlikely this year. These topics are pretty heavy, and I am not in the mindset to read about it. I found no errors or typos. The book is exceptionally well-edited.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 3:09 pm by elisathelvarik.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Before reading the sample, I was curious about this book. The blurb is really interesting, and it catches the reader's eye. My only concern is that there are so many topics that this book is trying to tackle, but there are only 82 pages. After reading the sample, I am still interested in this book. There weren't any grammatical errors, as far as I could tell. I read some of the reviews, as well as those on the OnlineBookClub site. There isn't an Offical review, but I don't mind it. The only thing that needs change is the price. For a novella, it is too expensive.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 2:33 pm by AntonelaMaria.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The cover and title of this book are perfect for the contents. The OBC review was well written to avoid spoilers. I already have purchased and read this book but recommend it highly to anyone wanting to see the view of the criminal justice system. The characters are well developed and it is easy to see the world through their eyes. The book is professionally edited and there is nothing to improve on it. I finished reading it in one sitting, and am happy to have it in my own library.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 2:19 pm by Mounce574.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

diana lowery

I felt intimidated when I saw on the cover that the author was Scott Hughes, the man who pays me to write these words. How honest can I be? After reading the blurb and reading the Kirkus Review, I was confused. Aren't they a rival company? I noticed that the dedication was to the author's children. Since the book is about adultery and used profanity, I was again perplexed. The review was favorable but did contain multiple grammatical errors, which led to more questions. Why was that review chosen? After reading the excerpt, I was convinced not to finish reading the book because of the sex and language. However, I was impressed with the writing style, and I did not see any significant errors.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 2:10 pm by diana lowery.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

JM Reviews

The concept of justice can be complicated. I've watched several lectures about it and I become amused every time. For that reason, I would have sampled this book based on its title. After sampling it, I will finish reading it because, although the topic of infidelity in a family doesn't really interest me, I'm eager to find out the connection of these events to the book's title. I'm sure I'll find another interesting view. I liked the author's writing style, especially those deep lines that leave readers reflecting upon themselves. I have no improvement suggestions. I didn't find any grammatical errors while reading. I didn't notice any review but that's because I haven't checked yet. This, however, didn't influence my decision.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 12:37 pm by JM Reviews.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I would not buy and read Justice. I don't care for romance novels. And I prefer more uplifting material.

The book seems to be well written and professionally edited. I didn't see any errors in the sample text on Amazon.

My favorite thing about the text I read was the reference to Chris Farley - she likes a sense of humor in a man but she didn't dream about the hundreds of pounds of hilariousness of Chris Farley.

My only suggestion for improvement is to somehow lengthen the Amazon sample text. I must not have read enough of the book to get a good idea of what it was about. The OBC review was so good and so complementary, but my feeling about the book was very neutral.

The online book club review was very well done.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 12:33 pm by Twylla.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The cover of the book is very well designed, but it gave me the impression of a procedural novel. However, the blurb clears it up and it captured my attention because of the questions it poses. I like deep psychological dives and this novella seems to offer that. The ratings are good, so I would've bought the book based on first impressions.
I loved the first ten pages. My favorite asset is how well constructed is Brynn's character, which is no easy feat when the author is a male. Her situation is extremely relatable. I feel sad to admit once or twice I've wanted my own husband "taken away and thrown in some kind of orphanage or foster home or whatever." Sometimes the problems that break marriages are not huge physical abuse. Emotional abuse is real and passive aggression can be very distressing. I thank the author for shining light on this not so obvious kind of abuse. I also love the subtle erotism of the opening lines "her thigh resting ever so lightly on the bed frame." The fact that the author lets the reader create his own opinion instead of providing an omniscient judgment is very enriching.
The editing seems to be flawless. The only suggestion I have is to improve the cover. The official review hyped me up even more.

First Ten review added on August 14, 2020, at 11:59 am by Lunastella.
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