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The First Ten Focus Group Feedback for Justice: A Novella

Because Justice was Book of the Day, some of our most trusted members have carefully looked over the cover, the description, and other aspects of this book as a part of purchase-intent focus group. We then asked each participant in the focus group if they planned to buy and read the book, and why they planned to buy and read the book or not. Their answer to that question and reasons are displayed below. We call this awesome feature The First Ten Focus Group.

Keep in mind, the responses from the members are not reviews. This is purchase-intent focus group which means the participants are people who have NOT yet bought or read your book. A purchase-intent focus group is an important and extremely useful marketing tool for any product, not just books. For other products, you might walk on the street and show people an item in a package and poll them about whether they would buy if or $X or not. These kind of focus groups are one of the ways big marketing companies find the ideal price points for products and test the effectiveness of different packaging. The focus group can help you identify your market so you how to target ads of your book, and it can (but may not) provide you new useful info about your "packaging" (e.g. your book cover, your book synopsis on Amazon, etc.). The point of the focus group comments is to give you information from people who have not bought or read your book about why they plan to buy your book which will help you in marketing the book. These are not reviews or critiques of your book because they are not from people have read the book. This is a marketing tool, not reviews. The trick of book marketing and book advertising is that you have to convince people who have not read your book yet that your book is worth buying and reading. For marketing, it doesn't matter much if people love your book after reading it if you cannot convince potential buyers before they read it that they will love it.

IMPORTANT: Any score over 10% is considered very good. And any score above 0% is acceptable. This is because we only poll about 20 or so readers, and all readers have to say "no" to almost all books. Over a million books are published each year. Even a very active reader cannot come close to even reading 1% of books out there.

This is also why publishing books is such a tough industry.

Ekta Kumari

I would have sampled the book as I checked out the summary and reviews of the book and it seemed like a thought-provoking read. It highlights marital relationships and the feelings behind infidelity in it. I like how the wife's emotions are portrayed and compel the reader to think about betrayal and who really is at fault for it. It's a thoughtful book and would be a good one for those who like stimulating writing. I didn't find any major error; however, I did notice an issue with formatting in the first chapter, where the word 'In' has extra spacing between it. Otherwise, the book is properly edited with no grammatical error. I would like to read the whole book as I like the sample I read. The absence of an official review does not affect my decision.

First Ten review added on July 6, 2019, at 2:27 am by Ekta Kumari.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


Without the first ten pages, I would not have wanted to sample this book. Books about struggling marriages are not something I am interested in, even if there are life lessons woven into the story.

What I liked best was how the author was able to invoke sympathy for Brynn as she justified within herself the reasons for her infidelities. I was able to feel her pain and confusion as she convinced herself that what she was doing was okay, based upon her feelings of neglect and emotional abuse. Even though the author was able to pull me into the narrative to the point that I was wondering why she didn't just leave her husband if she was so unhappy, my curiosity was not motivating enough for me to want to continue reading passed the first ten pages. Emotionally charged stories such as these are hard for me to read. The author's writing style was captivating, but the subject matter was not one I enjoy.

The book seemed to be professionally edited. I have no suggestions for improvements. There was an OnlineBookClub review which did not influence my decision. I will not be reading this book.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 9:27 pm by Tiny_Turtle.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Before sampling this book, I probably would not have picked it up, because divorce is a topic I don't generally enjoy. After reading the first ten pages, I found the book to be well written with an interesting look into Brynn's justification for her cheating. However, the book is a bit dark for my personal taste. I don't plan to continue reading the book. I didn't notice any errors in the pages I read.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 7:26 pm by unamilagra.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Emy Katherine

As I am a huge fan of psychological thriller novels, I would have read the book on my own. The lack of an official OnlinBookClub review did not change my mind; actually, reading the sample increased my interest in this short book. This book questions the reader about what is fair or unfair by sharing the thoughts, emotions, actions of unhappy people who live their lives going through the motions. I found the author's writing style clear and pleasant to read. Even though the characters are not lovable, they are realistic and relatable. I felt Brynn's sadness and anger as she shared how her husband abused her emotionally. The book also seems like it was professionally edited; I did not find any typos or grammatical errors. Considering the book has great Amazon ratings, those who enjoy reading thought-provoking novels will enjoy this short book.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 4:08 pm by Emy Katherine.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I would not have selected this book because the cover is extremely vague and does not suggest what the book is actually about in any way. Having read the first ten pages, I still do not think I will continue with it because I am not engaged by the storyline so far and don't really have any investments in any of the characters. However, I really enjoy the author's writing style, which is witty and darkly humorous. I will look into other works by the same author to try to find one with which I connect. I found two errors in the first ten pages: the protagonist claims that the "sleeps with whoever she wants" (whomever), and then asks question beginning with "So what if" and ending with a period instead of a question mark. There was no official OBC review, but that did not change my impressions of the book.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 12:34 pm by evraealtana.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Nisha Ward

I might not have picked it up on my own, purely because this type of book isn't one that I would go for. That would be a mistake. Scott Hughes' Justice offers an interesting look into the dissolution of a marriage that feels and reads viscerally. I particularly enjoyed both the analysis of the kind of man Brian was based on his jokes and how the main character's husband was emotionally but not physically abusive. Not only that but it's well-edited, leading me to say that I will be finishing this book.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 12:22 pm by Nisha Ward.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!

Hiruni Bhagya 81

Though I didn't find any OBC reviews on this book, the title, cover, genre, and specially its blurb made me interested in this book. But, after finding out it's about cheating and a married couple, I lost interest in it. Also, the knowledge that it's only 82 pages in length also affected my decision as my interest lies in lengthy books where I can't reach the end within few hours. After sampling the book, I didn't think this book would suit my tastes as I'm not interested in reading about family drama, specially between husbands and wives. What I liked most about this book was the author's open-mindedness when presenting the tale from the woman's point of view. I don't think there's anything that needs improving. I didn't notice any errors and I'm sure those who like this type of books will find it to be a great read.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 7:18 am by Hiruni Bhagya 81.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I would have chosen to sample this book based on the title. After reading the first ten pages I decided that this book is not for me. I did not enjoy the brazen infidelity and questionable morality of the character. I think if the sample pages were extended to include a little more of the story, I may have been able to justify her actions if I knew more about what happened to her. Pity there was no official OnlineBookClub review, as I think this would have helped provide more information on what could be expected. I believe the book was professionally edited; I did not notice any errors. If I had to change something, I would change the cover to depict a sad woman to make the reader subconsciously more sympathetic towards the character in the beginning of the book.

First Ten review added on July 5, 2019, at 12:35 am by Jbcitygirl.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The cover and title caught my interest at first. However, after reading the Amazon summary and the sample, the plot did not capture my interest, so I will not be buying this book. I did like the preface. It was very poetic, particularly the last line, "The darkness within us all too often overcomes the dim light between us." I did not notice any editing mistakes, and the lack of an official review did not affect my opinion.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 11:54 pm by Mbrooks2518.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The cover seems cool with its dark, looming figures. I couldn't find any review in OBC, still I wanted to read it because 1. It was written by Scott Hughes and I was curious. 2. It seemed to be of the psych thriller/court drama genre, both of which I am in the mood for right now. I read the sample where a woman called Brynn is introduced. With each successive line, we find that she is the one doing the cheating. Our mind initially gravitates to thinking that her husband is the victim, but we then glimpse into her mind and see her rationale for doing what she does. Scott has made us swing between sympathizing with Brynn and feeling bad for doing it. Brynn says how her husband has emotionally abused her and never physically. Being a victim of emotional abuse in a toxic relationship, I could relate to this. This makes people call Brynn as melodramatic. People do have a tendency to sympathize mostly with a physically abused victim, than with an emotionally abused one. My favourite concept in the sample was "Are guilt and anger two sides of the same coin?" The book seems professionally edited and has good literary quality. I would like to read the rest of this psychological thriller.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 11:49 pm by srividyag1.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


Had I not sampled the book through the First Ten program, I probably would have picked it up for a second look. The title is simple and has an impact, and the cover is done in nice contrasts. I don’t plan to buy and read the whole book. Although I approve of justice in matters of infidelity, I don’t often enjoy reading about it. Reading the first ten pages confirmed my impressions from the title and cover, so everything seems balanced out well. Based on what I read, the book seems professionally edited, and I found no errors. What I liked most about what I read was the way that Brynne seemed to be struggling a little with her conscience, even though she dismissed it each time. The reading sample leaves the impression that this is a very emotional read. I know this book will appeal to those who enjoy books featuring relationships. I didn’t notice anything that needed to be improved in the sample that I read. I did not see an Official Online Book Club review.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 7:25 pm by VernaVi.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had I not sampled the first ten pages, I may have picked up this book to check out. It seems interesting and I like the genre. The part I liked most from the first ten pages was the exciting beginning, as readers are launched right into the main character's various affairs and tumultuous marriage. The author wastes no time in setting up the story. The part I disliked most was the main character's clear lack of concern for her husband, though I'm sure this mindset is explained deeper in the book. I noticed no spelling or grammar issues in the sample, so I believe this book is professionally edited. Because of the excitement and questions left unanswered by the very beginning (that I am curious to discover), I will be reading this book.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 5:29 pm by kelseydwf.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I like the cover; it's dramatic and fairly simple. It looks like it could be either a memoir or a dramatic novel from a first glance. After reading the sample, I was starting to become interested in Brynn and her relationship issues. The section about emotional abuse was quite hard-hitting. I began to sympathise with her character, but the sample was fairly short, so I wasn't sure about buying the book.

It seems that although this is a short novel/novella, it is incredibly thought-provoking. I have read many positive reviews on Amazon, which have made me want to read this more. I will definitely consider this in the future if I want a quick read or a deep psychological thriller in the future! However, I will not be buying/reading it today. No OBC review influenced my decision. There were also no errors or typos that I could see, which was great. There was just one formatting issue at the beginning of Chapter 1, as the first word "In" was separated into 2 lines. The rest did look professionally edited.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 4:19 pm by danielleamy.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Aubrey Lewis

Judging from the cover and title, I didn't expect much, but when I read the blurb as well as the reviews for this book, I got intrigued. As I finished the free sample, I thought to myself that this was definitely an engaging read. I liked it because it was pretty thought-provoking and also because the author was brave enough to write about a controversial issue like infidelity into this novella. I can slightly sympathize with the woman in the book, but I don't condone her actions, either. It was a good read, albeit short, and well-written. I did not notice any errors or typos while I was reading, so I think this book was professionally edited. In conclusion, I'd like to read more of this book eventually, so I will put this into my reading list.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 3:17 pm by Aubrey Lewis.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The cover, genre, and blurbs I read would not have convinced me to pick up this book. I have not read an official review for it yet. The first ten pages show good writing, professional editing, and emotionally complex characters. I think there is good potential for character development, but I do not plan on continuing to read the book. I am not a fan of dramas.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 3:08 pm by Washboard.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had I not been in this program, it is unlikely that the title or cover would have prompted me to pick up this book. The author, genre and reviews, however, most definitely would have. Reading the sample intrigued me. Brynn is sexually liberated, but only because she feels wronged. I'm interested to see how that works out for her. Although the book is outside of my normal fare, the sample intrigued me enough to convince me to continue on to finish the book, especially considering that it is a novella. The book seemed well edited. I found no errors.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 2:57 pm by Kelyn.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The blurb for "Justice" is tiny. It's so general that it's hard to get an idea of what this book is about. The cover is not much help either, with a jumble of images that may or may not relate to each other. Heroine Brynn uses the word "melodramatic" to describe how her problems would be received by others. She's not been hit by her passive-aggressive jerk of a husband, but she's emotionally abused and deeply unhappy. And so she has sex with other men. That's all well and good, probably happens a lot, but this whole first chapter is indeed Brynn waxing on and on in true melodramatic fashion. To emphasize this, even more, there's an abundance of italicization throughout the chapter. A little goes a long way with any kind of unusual font, and this amount makes reading difficult. I don't feel sorry for Brynn, or that interested in her fate. This one won't make my list. I didn't see any errors. No OnlineBookClub review influenced me.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 2:32 pm by lisalynn.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I have not come across reviews of this book; it is also professionally edited. I like that the first chapter gives the reader an insight into Brynn's rationale behind her lack of guilt when committing infidelity (because to Brynn, her marriage is over after the emotional abuse she has been subjected to). I also like that it provides food for thought - why does abuse need to be physical in order to be taken seriously? I currently have no suggestions for improvement. I will be purchasing the book today.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 12:40 pm by gen_g.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I like the title of this book. I also am really drawn to the images. I would have picked this book up based on the cover alone. I haven’t read a review of this book yet. The first chapter of the book is told from the point of view of the character Brynn. Brynn is a married woman cheating on her husband, Marcus. However, this is not the first time. The first chapter takes a look at infidelity and what drove Brynn to continue cheating on her husband with no guilt or remorse. The story is interesting and well-written. I would like to finish reading this book. I did not see any errors, so I believe the book was professionally edited.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 11:58 am by Theresam.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I wouldn't have chosen this book because I usually like sci-fi, and I was a little confused about why it didn't have a review. After reading the first ten pages, I didn't find any grammatical errors, but I also couldn't connect with the main character. It's hard to care about someone who's introduced cheating on her husband without a reason. Because of this, I won't finish the book.

First Ten review added on July 4, 2019, at 11:23 am by Juliana_Isabella.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

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