#InItTogether by Scott Hughes

#InItTogether is not released, but it is available for pre-order at a huge discount via Kickstarter.

From Scott Hughes

My dream is for people to be free, be heard, and feel loved.

I believe more than anything that there is one common beautiful struggle towards overcoming temptation and actualizing the uplifting, defining, and unifying power of love.

This book will talk about my deep passionate feelings about love and unity, and it will show that these are not cliché platitudes--at least they don't have to be. This book will truly help the reader. This book will be the most motivational and inspiring thing I have ever written.

Please click here to pre-order this book via Kickstarter now.

Sample Scott Hughes's Writing

Since this book is not available yet, please sample Scott Hughes's writing by checking out this featured short blog post: "When I'm Holding My Daughter" by Scott Hughes.

And please click here to pre-order #InItTogether via Kickstarter now.