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What religions do you enjoy reading about?

Use this forum for book and reading discussion that doesn't fall into another category. Talk about books, genres, reading issues, general literature, and any other topic of particular interest to readers. If you want to start a thread about a specific book or a specific series, please do that in the section below this one.

What religions do you enjoy reading about?

Post Number:#1 by Tori_Teacup
» 12 Jan 2017, 03:26

Does anyone else enjoy reading books about different religions/beliefs? What is your favorite religion to study and why? I love reading about old witchcraft because the wonder of it fascinates me and I want to understand the beliefs and misunderstandings that caused the witch trials and all of the anger and fear of the people.
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Re: What religions do you enjoy reading about?

Post Number:#2 by greywalker
» 12 Jan 2017, 06:36

Well, as it happens, I'm Christian, so that tends to be the religion that I read about. I've studied various religions over the years, but these days, I focus on the spiritual tradition that has given me a home.
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Re: What religions do you enjoy reading about?

Post Number:#3 by Fran
» 12 Jan 2017, 08:00

I'm not big into reading about religions per se but I find Judaism endlessly fascinating ... the history, the traditions and most of all the emphasis on intellectual questioning.
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Re: What religions do you enjoy reading about?

Post Number:#4 by Insightsintobooks
» 14 Jan 2017, 21:37

I love reading books about different religions and beliefs. I love reading about all of them. I don't think I have a favorite.
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Re: What religions do you enjoy reading about?

Post Number:#5 by CatInTheHat
» Today, 19:02

I enjoy reading books that are not biased towards a specific religion. I particularly love analyzing the comparisons of what is similar among different religions and what is different. For example, most religions have a creation story.
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