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Paperback or Hardcover?

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Paperback or Hardcover?

Post Number:#1  Postby Decodemymessage » 01 Mar 2009, 19:53

Which do you prefer? I am neutral and have both. Lol. When ever I get a series though I tend to get them all in paperback or hardcover. I know... I'm a snob. :roll: :lol:
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Post Number:#2  Postby AwayFromReality » 01 Mar 2009, 23:36

I think paperback is easier to handle, yet they get torn up easier. I hate it when my books have bends and rips. XD I really don't mind either kind, although I usually go for paperback. I guess I'm cheap. XD
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Post Number:#3  Postby Decodemymessage » 03 Mar 2009, 00:17

Lol yeah. i usually get paperback except when I can't wait for a book. 8)
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Post Number:#4  Postby dbreeds » 03 Mar 2009, 23:04

Paperbacks cause you can usually find them cheaper. I agree though, for those books that you just can't wait to read, hardback is perfectly fine.
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Post Number:#5  Postby flashgordon » 05 Mar 2009, 16:39

I love the way a nice hardback reads, but if I can't find a used copy, I opt for the paper. Never for the e-version.
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Post Number:#6  Postby SydneyO » 05 Mar 2009, 20:03

I can go either way.
Paperbacks travel better, but hardcovers are more durable.
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Post Number:#7  Postby sanfras » 07 Mar 2009, 03:47

Hi I like paperbacks as I have pain in my hands and find the weight of hardbacks makes it worse o this doen't stop me reading hardbacks if I really really can't wait for the paperback to come out!
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Post Number:#8  Postby Decodemymessage » 08 Mar 2009, 13:57

Cool thanks for your opinions! :D
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Post Number:#9  Postby Bennay » 08 Mar 2009, 20:51

Yep, paperbacks definitely. With the amount of books I've been buying recently, I have to take the cheap route :oops: :D
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Post Number:#10  Postby juniper9 » 09 Mar 2009, 10:27

I buy mostly paperbacks cause they are cheaper, but I prefer hardbacks.
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Post Number:#11  Postby fredricktiller » 10 Mar 2009, 09:37

I agree, but there is just something majestic about hard backs.
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Post Number:#12  Postby iwchris » 10 Mar 2009, 12:08

I always like a paperback, it goes with me! in my backpack or bag, its nice just to have it, if im in Starbucks having a coffee just nice to to have it at hand.
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Post Number:#13  Postby BookMePlease » 11 Mar 2009, 13:56

Paperbacks for me! I take books everywhere and the hardcovers are too clunky.
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Post Number:#14  Postby bbb2009 » 13 Mar 2009, 22:07

I like Paperbacks when borrowing from library. It is lighter to put in backpack and read during commute.
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Post Number:#15  Postby TheLionKym » 17 Mar 2009, 09:49

I read a lot of my books lying in bed and a hard back in that position is so much more difficult to handle!
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