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The House of the Dead ~ Entire Book

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Post Number:#16 by juanmacho33
» 24 Feb 2009, 13:07

I can't say that I enjoyed reading this book. It's not the sort of book that you enjoy. I can only say that I'm very glad that I read it. I found it to be both disturbing and compelling.
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hello g.............

Post Number:#17 by anshul1986
» 12 Mar 2009, 02:08

hello g.............
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it is interesting

Post Number:#18 by anshul1986
» 12 Mar 2009, 02:09

it is interesting
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Post Number:#19 by sally82
» 19 Mar 2009, 09:02

It's a good book, I like it!
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Post Number:#20 by Arnold Grundel
» 02 Apr 2009, 17:01

House of the Dead? I haven't read that one. I really don't like books like that though. It just sounds gory.
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Arnold Grundel
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Post Number:#21 by victory08
» 04 Apr 2009, 19:45

FloorStore wrote:I love reading this book. very interesting.

I agree!!! I was listening this novel in mp3 even during the lectures (using micro earpiece ).
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Post Number:#22 by js_best4u
» 10 Jul 2010, 14:58

Hello every body
Gold words histery of world and hister greatman.
i check now its nice books and u try its.
i hope u well thist books reads.,

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I need recomendation.

Post Number:#23 by John Cooper
» 18 Jan 2011, 14:09

I need recommendation of some better book for reading.
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John Cooper
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Re: The House of the Dead ~ Entire Book

Post Number:#24 by shenglu
» 12 Oct 2011, 01:26

Siberian prison's "death house." This first-person narrative fiction dicusses in prison conditions, prisoners of a different personality, and how the existence of class differences, even in the confinement
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Re: The House of the Dead ~ Entire Book

Post Number:#25 by mouseofcards89
» 25 Dec 2011, 05:30

People surmised that Dostoevsky had actually killed his own wife after this was published. In truth, he was sentenced to exile in Siberia for political sedition. At one time, he was responsible for operating a print press on behalf of a faction within the Petrashevskys, which, had it been discovered, would have meant a death sentence.
"House of the Dead" espouses Dostoevsky's primary psychological premise. Specifically, it claims that with a why you can justify any how. According to him, the worst punishment conceivable is not beating or jail time or any of those conventional avenues. Rather, it is pointless work. One must have a perceived notion of a grander purpose when it comes to one's labours, an ominous implication. It asserts that the human being can endure any succession of outrages, but must be allowed to assert a 'self.' This is why the prisoners depicted in the book are prone to spontaneous drinking bouts, destructive behaviours that are against the rules, etc. They know what is in their best interests, Dostoevsky would argue, but choose to act in contravention to those interests because doing so establishes self.
This is not a prison memoir in the sense that most people see it. It could just as easily be perceived as a social critique of the world. Many of its core ideas resonate a great deal with modern culture.
"The world is a vampire/sent to drain/secret destroyers hold you up to the flames/And what do I get for my pains?/Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game."
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Re: The House of the Dead ~ Entire Book

Post Number:#26 by mitchritz
» 13 Feb 2012, 07:36

nice story really interesting to read
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