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Official Review: Breaking Family Ties by Michelle Cook-Hall

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Official Review: Breaking Family Ties by Michelle Cook-Hall

Post Number:#1 by dhwanis
» 04 Apr 2017, 07:11

[Following is an official review of "Breaking Family Ties" by Michelle Cook-Hall.]

Book Cover
3 out of 4 stars
Review by dhwanis
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We are always told that our families are the source of our strength. But, what people do not tell us that there are many diseases or negative behavioral traits that are passed down through generations as well. Breaking Family Ties by Michelle Cook-Hall explores the realm of these behavioral traits and how to break them.

The book is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter deals with a different topic that could help us understand how our actions can determine the course of our lives. The first chapter, "Pre-Exposed" deals with the situations in which an infant or a fetus is connected to the mother and the way the mother treats the baby would have a long term affect on the baby. The second chapter, "Generational Curses" deal with physical and emotional impact our families can have on us. The author discusses, giving various examples, how a child raised in a certain atmosphere, is very likely to end up in a similar manner when he/she grows up. The third chapter, "Broken Promises" deals with the promises that we make to ourselves or to our kids, the importance of keeping these promises and the consequences of not living up to them. The fourth chapter, "Legal Rights" sheds light on the reason why certain people get triggered by certain places and how to deal with it. The fifth chapter, "Renewing your mind" introduces and explains the concept of "Renew Mind Revolution" which is the concept of using thoughts to improve your life. The sixth chapter, "Complacency Is a Curse", as the name suggests, uses Bible verses to show how being complacent can be a curse as it does not help you break away from negativity. The seventh chapter, "Proclamation" tells you the importance of uttering positive words. The eighth chapter, "Purpose Filled Life" suggests that people should focus on things that adds value. The ninth chapter, "The Buck Stops Here" is being aware of the negativity that surrounds you, taking responsibility for it and ensuring that you take steps to get out of it. The last chapter "Freedom" accept and declare that you are free to choose the life that you want.

I liked the fact that the chapters were divided in a way that each chapter was linked to the previous one and so, on the whole, the whole book was quite cohesive. Many chapters contains Biblical references, and the author made a point to explain the nuances, so even those who have not read The Bible would be able to understand the point that the author is making.

The use of examples from the author's personal life, as well as of those around her helps us understand the point that she is making. Some chapters also ended with a small proclamation that the readers might repeat to themselves.

The book has been written in first person, which made it feel like the author was personally connecting with the readers. There were many grammatical errors which could have been avoided in order to make the book a bit more polished. So, on the whole I rate this book 3 out of 4 and recommend it to the people who are looking for ways to improve their situations.

Breaking Family Ties
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Re: Official Review: Breaking Family Ties by Michelle Cook-H

Post Number:#2 by Amagine
» 13 Apr 2017, 17:14

This sounds like a book with a lot of powerful messages about families and right from wrong. I think adding biblical references is a nice touch as it will serve to drive the point to readers even more.

Great Review! 🐼
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Re: Official Review: Breaking Family Ties by Michelle Cook-H

Post Number:#3 by kandscreeley
» 13 Apr 2017, 18:17

Interesting. There is definitely truth to that. Families give us many things. Some good, some not so good. This sounds quite intriguing. Thanks for the review.
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