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why can't i set my signature?

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why can't i set my signature?

Post Number:#1 by Xizanghummer
» 07 Feb 2011, 02:16

the website reported "incorrect in sig field" all the time, even i inputed plain text like "aaaaaaaaa"...
any one know what happened here?
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Re: why can't i set my signature?

Post Number:#2 by StephenKingman
» 07 Feb 2011, 11:47

Xizanghummer wrote:the website reported "incorrect in sig field" all the time, even i inputed plain text like "aaaaaaaaa"...
any one know what happened here?

You need to have at least 50 posts before you can set a signature, its to stop spammers filling up the site with rubbish and show you are a genuine contributor. I am not mad about people here who have a website or blog in their signature as its a forum at the end of the day, not a shop. A signature should be a quote or a saying.
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Re: why can't i set my signature?

Post Number:#3 by ParkerSM
» 19 Mar 2012, 16:28

Hey there! Do we think we can change the FAQ to reflect this rule, because I was looking at my Control Panel like I was a bit special or something. Thought it was me that was having issues! Cheers!
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Re: why can't i set my signature?

Post Number:#4 by Scott
» 03 Apr 2012, 22:15

There is a notice on the signature page that it cannot be set until you have made 25 posts.

I think it is 25 now not 50.
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